Wyatt’s UK chain, wh Smith unlimited set, sells for 19.99 pounds

WH Smith

After the national day, Yueke has begun to sell its ammunition replacement product infinity, basic equipment and seven different kinds of cigarette bombs in wh Smith, a famous British chain store.

You can find Yueke’s products on wh Smith’s official website, which has simple information such as price, battery capacity, suit, etc.

RELX Next-Gen Vape Pens and E-Cigarettes

‘we are happy to bring our unique product to the UK for the first time,’ said Du Bing, head of global expansion at relx.

‘ultimately, our goal is to help adult smokers make a confident transition to better choices, and by selling at wh Smith, we can reach a larger market for more adult smokers,’ Mr. Du said.

Stuart brown, head of wh Smith, said: ‘we are pleased to work with relx to sell their e-cigarettes in our wh Smith High Street store. The brand is a popular product on our shelves.

Relx’s infinity device costs 19.99 pounds, equivalent to 176 yuan. The price of essential equipment is 9.99 pounds, equivalent to 88 yuan. A pack of two cigarettes costs 7.99 pounds.

Essential Device & Infinity Device

Available in black, silver and red, the infinity device features relx’s latest innovations in product design, smoke bomb quality, mobility and overall user experience.

Essential devices are available in black, white and blue, enabling users to experience the key elements of infinity design at a more accessible price.

Smoke bomb lineups that can be used in infinity and essential devices include classic tobacco, menthol plus, Ludou ice, fresh red, tangy purpose, raspy Ruby and dark sparkle.

In March 2020, relx infinity won the red dot design award for its unique design innovation. Red dot is not the first time relx has won awards for its product design. Relx I, the first intelligent electronic cigarette device of relx, won the Bronze Award in 2019 in the European product design award.

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