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WVA Survey: Most Smokers Managed to Quit or Reduce Via Vaping


Nearly 500 members of the WVA participated in the survey which  asked why they started vaping, and what their preferences are in terms of vaping flavours and their purchasing habits. The aim of the survey was understanding vapers  and their use patterns, in a bid to determine how the WVA membership can serve its members better, ahead of many legislative battles that they are facing globally.

“The results of the survey showed that:

  • More than 90% started vaping to quit smoking or reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke.
  • Close to 92% said they would continue to vape through alternative means or return to smoking if flavours were banned.
  • Nearly 95% said vaping helped them reduce or completely quit smoking.
  • An overwhelming 94% said that vaping is more effective than other methods to quit smoking.” shared the WVA in a press release.

WVA Director, Michael Landl, pointed out that these findings confirm the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation tools. “Vaping clearly is a great option for smokers who want to quit. This survey confirmed our belief that almost all of the current vapers use E-Cigarettes to quit or reduce cigarette consumption. It is clear that vapers overwhelmingly use vaping as a cessation method and that any restrictions, particularly on flavours, will do more harm than good.”

Vape policies should be based on science

He added that lawmakers should take into account such findings, and any measures affecting public health should consult scientific data. “Vaping is less harmful than smoking and can help smokers to quit and former smokers to stay away from the deadly habit. That is why new regulations should be led by science and real life experience, instead of ideology on this issue. Lawmakers around the globe must actively encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and ensure access and affordability. Otherwise the goal of improving public health can not be achieved. 2021 must become the year of vaping instead of smoking.”

EU Cancer Plan Ignores The Science in Favour of E-Cigs For Smoking Cessation

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