Who: even if the United States agrees with iqos to enter the market, HNB products still have risks

Recently, who has reminded member states of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control (FCTC) that they have an obligation to avoid selling heated tobacco products as safer alternatives.

After a lengthy approval process started four years ago, PMI recently announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized its iqos tobacco heating device to be sold as an improved risk tobacco product (MRTP).

As tobacco products, the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control is fully applicable to these products. To this end, who issued a statement reminding member states of the Framework Convention on tobacco control that, despite the MRTP authorization, they should avoid marketing these products as safer alternatives.

“Specifically, article 13.4 (a) obliges parties to prohibit” any form of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship that is false, misleading or deceptive or which may give a false impression of its characteristics, health effects, hazards or emissions. “

Referring to FDA approval, who noted that reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals in heated tobacco products (HTPs) does not make them harmless. It also does not mean that their risk to human health is reduced, who added.

The FDA Statement also highlights this point. “The exposure modification order also does not allow companies to make any other modified risk statement, or any express or implied statement, that conveys or may mislead consumers into believing that the product has been approved or approved by the food and drug administration, or that the food and drug administration believes that the product is safe for consumers,” the FDA said.

At the same time, a recent study compared carcinogens in ordinary cigarettes and heated tobacco products and found that the latter had carcinogens 10 to 25 times lower than cigarettes. However, who maintains that some toxins are higher in HTP aerosols than in traditional cigarettes, and that there are other toxins in HTP aerosols that are not present in conventional cigarette smoke.

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