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What’s the matter that the electronic cigarette has electricity but can’t vape


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After the atomizer is installed, let it stand still for 5 minutes before vaping. If it still does not vape, it is the problem with the coils. Replace the coils and do it again according to the previous method. If it still does not work, the most common cause is poor contact between the atomizer and the battery device. The following steps are recommended:

1. first rotate the thread to pull up or insert drip tip vertically, please do not tilt it;

2. Do not refill e-liquid from the small hole in the middle of the atomizer, and the middle vent hole is not the refiling position;

3. The electronic cigarette is based on the principle of high-temperature heating. Condensate will be generated on the top of the battery device. When charging, it must be wiped with a paper towel;

4. Besides the frequency of use, the service life of the atomizer has a very important relationship with the usage habits. The service life can be prolonged by keeping the interval of 5 seconds or more between each use;

6. The built-in lithium battery of the battery device has no memory activation, just fully charge it

7. The battery device is controlled by pressing and vaping. Turn on the device and press it 5 times. When using it, press and hold the power button, and release the button immediately. After not vaping, press 5 times to turn off.

There are also the following reasons:

1. There is no e-liquid in the atomizer or pod cartridge, refill the atomizer or pod cartridge with e-liquid or try another atomizer or pod cartridge;

2. The battery is dead. If the battery light flashes or turns off while vaping, it means that the battery is out of power. Charge it quickly.

3. If the battery is normal and the e-liquid left in the atomizer or pod cartridge, it is recommended to replace it with a new atomizer or pod cartridge.

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