What is the origin of the world’s first e-cigarette company to obtain a marijuana research license?

Recently, an electronic cigarette hardware manufacturer from Canada suddenly announced that the company has been approved by the Ministry of health of Canada and obtained a cannabis research license, becoming the first electronic cigarette hardware manufacturer in the world to obtain a cannabis research license. This company is greenink technology.

What is the origin of the world's first e-cigarette company to obtain a marijuana research license

With the marijuana research license, greenink can process up to 10000 grams of dried hemp or 2500 grams of marijuana extract at its headquarters in Toronto for research purposes, the company said. This enables the company to comprehensively test the extract viscosity, instability, emissions and other indicators of hemp brand partners, as well as the various ways in which these extracts interact with different materials and hardware technologies, to determine the most suitable formulation for each brand.

In addition, the research license allows greenink to import marijuana from legitimate foreign suppliers and conduct focused research with its brand partners. These research data will provide consumers with feedback on e-cigarette taste, performance and user experience, as well as key data on e-cigarette emissions and interaction of various materials. Greenink expects that the new marijuana research tasks will significantly shorten the design cycle, accelerate product development, and enable the company to more quickly and effectively verify new hardware technologies.

“This research license is a milestone for greenTalk in an industry that is on the verge of a major regulatory change,” greenTalk chief executive said. As the only e-cigarette hardware manufacturer in the world that can legally test and research marijuana formulations, we are a leader in compliance. In addition, as a trusted brand consultant, we can use scientific data to verify the safety, reliability and performance of hemp e-cigarettes. “

As the world’s first e-cigarette hardware manufacturer to obtain a marijuana research license, what is greenink’s strength?

In 2015, the company’s founders Dustin and Corey saw the huge opportunities in the cannabis e-cigarette market, which is seriously short of high-quality and fully functional atomizers. The goal of greenink is to make e-cigarette products with better appearance and more importantly, better performance than any competitive products in the market.

In March 2018, greenTalk, which is devoting itself to research and development, won the favor of the capital market, and received a seed investment of C $4.3 million from green acre capital, Casa Verde capital and Canadian lifestyle brand Tokyo smoke, which was used for product development and marketing. Since then, greenink has entered a fast lane of development.

On March 6, 2019, greenink announced that its GT spectrum CR filter element has met the strict North American child safety certification standards, making it the first hemp vape manufacturer to fully comply with such consumer product safety standards. Subsequently, the company launched a series of high-quality and innovative GT series vape hardware, which won many awards for innovation and quality, and was widely loved by consumers.

In March 2019, the company announced the completion of round a financing with a financing amount of C $14 million. With the formal legalization of cannabis in Canada, cannabis e-cigarette has ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity in the country. Greenink also seized this opportunity to continue to grow, using financing funds to develop new products and open more markets.

Today, greenink has become a leading e-cigarette hardware solution provider in Canada, accounting for about 30% of the Canadian e-cigarette market, and has worked closely with more than 200 hemp brands in North America to provide them with reliable, innovative and first-class vape hardware.

Currently, greenTalk is building its third e-cigarette equipment laboratory, a state-of-the-art product center and R & D center managed by Pete Duckett, greenTalk’s chief engineer and former Dyson engineering manager.

This equipment laboratory represents the new upper standard of the industry, with the most advanced laboratory and equipment, including filling chamber, thermal shock and vibration chamber, 3D printer, digital surface and micro thermal imager, drop shape analyzer, CNC processing and even autoclave.

According to BDS analytics, marijuana e-cigarettes are rapidly becoming the most popular form of marijuana consumption in North America, including recreational and medical uses. Among them, in California, the use of e-cigarettes accounts for about 30% of all legal marijuana sales in the state, and dozens of other States account for more than 10%.

From the perspective of global market, e-cigarette is showing great development potential. Obviously, this is another hot spot in addition to the cannabis market. Who can become the “King” of the e-cigarette market? We can only expect time to give us the answer.

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