Voke has been criticized for slandering other products

According to reports, voke, the first e-cigarette licensed in the UK in September 2014, has been criticized for spreading inaccurate facts about e-cigarettes in marketing activities.

Voke electronic cigarette

Voke is a new type of tobacco equipment. Its operation principle is quite different from the current electronic cigarette. Voke delivers nicotine through the way similar to asthma respirator, which can quickly relieve people’s desire for nicotine without heating, burning and steam generation.

The voke consists of a rectangular box filled with low-dose nicotine and a plastic cigarette straw, which can be inhaled directly into the lungs by simply inserting the cigarette straw into the rectangular box. But it uses an inhaler technology called vapor valve technology (VVT).

Through VVT technology, low doses of nicotine can be inhaled into the lungs. After being absorbed in the lungs, nicotine enters the arterial system directly, and then is transported to the nicotine receptor area of the brain, thus providing a sense of relief similar to smoking traditional cigarettes, but with much less harm than traditional cigarettes. As a result, it has been supported by injury reduction and public health experts and e-cigarette advocates.

However, the groups that support it are disappointed that voke’s manufacturers have adopted an immoral marketing approach to good consumers.

The new nicotine Alliance (NNA) points out that the company’s demo claims that voke is preferable to e-cigarettes because many people who use e-cigarettes have recently developed lung diseases and deaths.

Voke electronic cigarette

This kind of behavior of sharing false information is not only an immoral marketing behavior. Recognized health institutions such as CDC in the United States have long confirmed that the lung diseases and deaths referred to in voke marketing activities are not related to the use of controlled electronic cigarette products, but related to illegal thc products.

The new nicotine alliance stresses that it is immoral to spread these inaccurate facts in order to put their products in a better position. “We realize that business is business. Good consumers want to distinguish their new products from e-cigarettes, but it’s wrong to repeat what they know very well. It’s not the right way to do it. It’s particularly nasty when you consider that they’re using this fake information to raise tens of millions of pounds of money. “

The new nicotine alliance has long pointed out that the more nicotine substitutes on the market are good for everyone, because millions of smokers around the world have a better chance of finding the products that best suit their needs. “For many players, there is still room for a safer nicotine market, and we generally welcome e-cigarette companies to add a new option for smokers who want to reduce the harm of smoking.”

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