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VLADDIN RE pod system – refillable with rich flavors


The various special salt nicotine e-liquids for vapes that can be purchased on the market have dazzled users. With the form of finished cartridges getting more and more popular, more and more manufacturers are willing to produce e juice self-refilling vapes as well. The VLADDIN RE shared in this article is a follow-up version of VLADDIN for e-liquid self-refilling.

RE version factory configuration as shown above, the manufacturer has equipped it with an empty pod. The biggest difference between VLADDIN RE and the orginal version is that “RE” specifies a subsequent name, namely “REFILLABLE” (e-liquid-injectable/self-e-liquid-injectable). According to official data, VLADDIN’s original business colors has also been increased to six types of colors, fully in line with the overall market demand for pod vapes.

Since the original VLADDIN was launched on the market, the whole high-quality workmanship, pod airtightness and good ceramic core atomization taste all have good reputation in the same kind of pod vapes. This kind of pen-shaped pod vape is called “VAPE PEN“, which also have certain shape complex affinity among the original smokers, which will be the preferred choice of smoking quitting products.

The capacity and structure of the pod have not changed greatly. After all, the original 1.5ML ceramic core has a good user experience of dryness and leak-proof. The RE version has been perforated at the top of the pod. The two vape juice injection holes can also realize the exchange of the air. The silica gel plug also provides good sealing.

As shown in the picture above, INFZN, a “flat” plastic vape juice bottle, can be matched with VLADDIN RE vape juice refilling smoothly, leave alone a “more sophisticated” type of vape juice bottle. The advantage of self-vape-juice-refilling to users is that the flavor is independent, and the flavor choice is not limited to the limited flavor originally designed by the manufacturer, but a high-quality vape juice obviously can perfectly present the standard of the pod vapes.

The lemon cake of INFZN was filled into VLADDIN RE, and the pod still maintained the characteristics of the original finished product. In use, the lemon flavor was clean and accurate, and the mellow and attractive cake baking aroma could be felt. After a period of time, the solvable condensation of the vape will slightly accumulate between the silicone plug and the inner wall of the suction nozzle, and it can be cleaned up with a paper towel regularly.

Low-key and high-quality, VLADDIN has been playing such a role in the market. If the manufacturer’s preset pod flavor limits the user’s choice, then the introduction of VLADDIN RE will be a satisfaction to user behavior – you can use VLADDIN RE to vape more favorite flavors!

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4 months ago

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VLADDIN RE is a refillable pod vape with high-quality workmanship, mixable flavors and leakage-proof design.VLADDIN RE pod system - refillable with rich flavors