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VEDFUN held a high-profile global tour new product launch


Since its establishment in July, VEDFUN e-cigarette brand has actively carried out overseas marketing actions based on the strong financial resources and global influence accumulated by the group companies over the years. The most interesting thing is the ongoing global tour product launch.

On August 21st, 2019 VEDFUN e-cigarette brand first release conference and Wuliangye Global Tasting was grandly opened at the London Entrepreneur Directors’ Association. As the world’s second largest e-cigarette market, the UK has nearly 2.5 million e-cigarette consumers. London is an international fashion city and a sacred place for e-cigarette lovers. When China’s e-cigarettes have to go out to the world, and there is no city more suitable for a world premiere than London. Zhuang Xiaofeng said, “VEDFUN is not just an e-cigarette brand. We want to build an industrial ecosystem with global influence, from nicotine extraction, vape juice research and development, atomization technology, to cross-border cultural exchange. It’s the strategic layout we are implementing. As an advocate of healthy living, we are creating a more fashionable, happier and healthier lifestyle for e-cigarette consumers around the world.”

VEDFUN held a high-profile global tour new product launch

On September 15th, the 2019 VEDFUN Global Tour Conference was held in the Philippines, and the COEV MANILA Manila Kraft was opened in Manila’s top electronic music nightclub. This is the first e-cigarette brand in China to hold a new product press conference in the Philippines, marking VEDFUN officially blowing the horn of entering Southeast Asia.

According to Zhuang Xiaofeng, following the London of the United Kingdom and Manila of the Philippines, VEDFUN will continue to hold a grand brand launch conference in Shenzhen, China.

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