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[VaporTalk] Can’t spit out a smoke ring? Take a look at the unique cheats of Austin Lawrence


If you want to be famous, no problem, do something that others haven’t done before, and add your own abilities. This is all right. – Lu Xun

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence
For example, Nusret Gökçe, a salt-and-salt guy who injects soul into steaks.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence
Another example is Pali sauce, who tells all kinds of jokes quickly and directly.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence
And I’m going to share with you the e-cigarette web celebrity today, Austin Lawrence, the king of e-cigarette.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence

Austin Lawrence, an American boy was born in 1996, had a habit of smoking cigarettes 18 years ago. Until one day, he learned the dangers of cigarettes in depth and decided to quit smoking. And at 18, he touched e-cigarettes for the first time. When he got it, he decided that the e-cigarette was his Dream place. This is mainly because he vapes e-cigarettes really cool, and I put a few free gifs below for everyone to see.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence

The reason why he is an influencer is, he has 650,000 followers on Instagram, and he has a random video of blowing cigarette smoke with millions of hits.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence
In the era when the Internet is so advanced, there are videos of e-cigarette techniques everywhere on the Internet. But Austin Lawrence is undoubtedly one of the most famous. If anyone in the circle talks about him, they will no doubt call him the nickname “Vape God.”

With such skills, apart from extraordinary talents, it is more important to make unremitting efforts. Don’t look at Austin Lawrence playing skills so easy and freehand, but after three years of retreat practice, vomiting, sucking vomiting, contact with a variety of mouth type, a variety of cough frequency every day, and finally big success. What’s more, all his techniques are self-taught. I thought that if I had to practice this every day, my chin would have dislocated countless times.

It is said that Austin Lawrence’s most favorite technique is Bane French Inhale. The whole process looks like a gas mask.

unique cheats of Austin Lawrence
The 22-year-old Austin Lawrence has already dropped out of school after this achievement, giving up his computer major and switching to an e-cigarette shop as his future career. He is so good looking, but also so hard, he is not famous and who’s famous?

Finally, I attached the shows of Austin Lawrence’s unique highlights in the video.
Do you wish to learn the vape ring skills? Is there a master of the art for you to bow down? Tell your story to me. The sharing fans have the chance to get a bottle of Ice Age 60ML.

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