Vape News – July Roundup!

July 2022 brought us lots of vape news – a lot of it sadly quite negative!

Wales Tobacco Control Strategy

This was released on 26th July 2022 – and it seems that the Welsh Government have no idea that vaping exists!

smoke free wales strategy

Read all about this here – Smoke-Free Wales – Tobacco Control Strategy – What’s Vaping?

Scottish People Are Pro-Vaping – New Poll – 2022

A poll conducted by the Scottish Grocers Federation found that the majority of Scots were very pro-vaping – despite some heavy handed proposals from government.


I tell you more on this in my article – Scottish People Are Pro-Vaping – New Poll – 2022.

Disposable Vape Bashing

It seems to be quite trendy for the UK media to be bashing disposable vapes, a heap of negative articles have been appearing lately.

disposable vapes

What has caused this panic?

Read more here – Disposable Vapes – Why the Panic?

Also there has been a lot of discussion about the waste disposable vapes create – I can get on board with that sentiment.

I discuss this further in my article – The Issue Of Disposable Vape Waste.

vape waste stats
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Effect Of Vaping and Smoking On Lungs

A new study looked at the effect of vaping and smoking on lungs using fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and it showed the surprising result that vaping can actually increase blood flow to the lungs.

vaping lungs

Quite a positive outcome – fMRI Lung Scans Show Promising Results For Vaping.

Negative Media Opinions Of Vaping

As you may have seen I have been tracking the UK media for articles about vaping.

tracker july 2022

I have categorised them as either Negative, Positive or Neutral.

Sadly in July the majority of press has been negative. See how this affects the tracker –  UK Vape News Sentiment Tracker.

Ireland Needs To Embrace Harm Reduction

A recent survey by the Ireland Department of Health has shown an increase in smoking rates.Ireland with flag

It seems that the lack of functional tobacco harm reduction policy is impacting the amount of smokers who want to quit.

Ireland Needs To Embrace Tobacco Harm Reduction.

ASH Youth Vaping Survey Results 2022

The organisation ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) have published the results of the annual YouGov youth vaping survey for 2022.

ash youth vaping survey 2022

Have a read of my article to find out more – Ash Youth Vaping Survey Results 2022 – Anything To Be Concerned About?

So that’s it for July – let’s see how August pans out!

If you want to catch up on any news articles you may have missed you can access our News Archive here.

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