Sunday, July 21, 2024

Unveiling Pakistan’s First Vape Show: ANTY Pakistan Vape Show Set for October 2024


Get ready, vape enthusiasts! The first-ever ANTY Pakistan Vape Show is scheduled to make a big splash in Islamabad at the Marriott Hotel on October 18-19, 2024. As of today, the global invitation to exhibitors is officially open, promising a prime opportunity for brands and distributors in the burgeoning Pakistani vape market.

Pakistan’s Vaping Market: A Land of Opportunity

Hosted by Chi Yang Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., this premiere event aims to connect leading brands in e-cigarettes, e-liquids, electronic hookahs, and lozenge cigarettes with Pakistan’s top dealers, agents, and retailers. With a tobacco consumption culture deeply ingrained and a smoking population of approximately 46 million—nearly 20% of its vast 236 million citizens—Pakistan is ripe for vaping industry expansion.

Rapid Growth and Lax Regulations

The Pakistani vape market is showing incredible potential, with China’s exports to Pakistan growing over 48% from 2022 to 2023, reaching $7.61 million. This figure is expected to surpass $10 million in 2024. Currently, the market is thriving under minimal regulatory constraints, hosting major brands like UNO, VUSE, ELFBAR, RELX, Tokyo, ARTISAN, and E-ELITE.

Disposable e-cigarettes make up about 30% of usage, while 70% of consumers prefer refillable and open-system vapes. Mint and various fruit flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and mango are top sellers. With cigarette taxes rising and retail prices climbing, more Pakistanis are switching to newer tobacco products like e-cigarettes and lozenges, projecting a market growth of over 150% by 2030.

Global Outreach and Local Engagement

In preparation for the ANTY Pakistan Vape Show, invitations are being sent to 10,000 retail points across Pakistan, with promotional efforts extending to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai. This event is not just an exhibition but a gateway to vast business opportunities and networking within the global vaping community.

Final Thoughts: Clouds on the Horizon?

As clouds gather for the inaugural vape show in Pakistan, one can’t help but wonder if this event will ignite more than just interest—perhaps a transformation in the vaping landscape of Pakistan. Will Pakistan become the next big cloud chaser’s paradise? Share your thoughts below and remember to keep following for the latest in vape news and events!

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