Ukvia urged the government to list e-cigarette stores as basic services in the third blockade

The UK e-cigarette Industry Association (ukvia) has urged the government to consider e-cigarette stores as essential basic services as the third ban on smoking has come into force, vapingpost reported.

The second nationwide ban on smoking in the UK forced all non essential retailers and services to close between November 5 and December 2, which disappointed the e-cigarette industry as the necessity of e-cigarette products as an aid to smoking cessation was once again ignored.

Sadly, this seems to happen again.

This week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the implementation of a third blockade in England, which began this week and will last until around mid February. Johnson said in his fourth speech since the beginning of the pandemic that the transmissibility of the new coronavirus strain has increased by 50% to 70%, which makes the situation frustrating and shocking.

The UK fully supports the use of e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking and / or reduce harm. It is well known that the pressure brought about by this epidemic is leading to the recurrence of a large number of smoking. To this end, public health experts pointed out that it is particularly absurd to close e-cigarette stores at this time.

Just last October, the government funded campaign stoptober urged smokers to switch to e-cigarettes.

John Dunne, director general of via, said before the second blockade: “we will strongly present these views to the government on behalf of the industry and ask them to reconsider their position on e-cigarette stores and reclassify them as essential basic services in the future.”

However, those who accept the campaign are now unable to get the same level of support and products from the local e-cigarette store.

Dunn once again expressed this concern, saying that during this period, many smokers have made new year’s resolutions to quit smoking, and it is crucial to obtain customer service, experience, knowledge and advice from e-cigarette stores, especially during the period of no smoking.

“This is not only a lifeline for e-cigarette enterprises during the period of confinement, but also a lifeline for users and smokers. For them, using e-cigarettes means a life changing decision.” Although we are fully aware of the need to implement this latest blockade, as the situation of cowid-19 deteriorates in many parts of the country, the e-cigarette industry should be regarded as an industry providing basic goods and services. “

Dunn added: “we have to remember that earlier this year, the UK Department of public health acknowledged the role of smokers in helping smokers quit. The Royal College of physicians also found that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking. Recent studies have re emphasized that e-cigarette products are much more effective than NRTs in helping smokers quit smoking. “

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