Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ukvas launched the logistics investigation of e-cigarette industry, and sometimes communicated and intervened in serious cases


According to foreign reports, the UK steam Industry Association (ukvas) has launched an online logistics survey for the e-cigarette industry. The move comes after several logistics companies decided to stop shipping e-cigarettes.

The report involved major suppliers such as DHL, ups and FedEx, resulting in delivery disruptions to varying degrees in recent months. Ukvia would like to know whether any interference is affecting imports from EU countries, or whether imports from China and the United States are also hindered.

“Ukvia is very concerned about any disruption to the delivery of e-cigarette products experienced by our members or any other company in the industry,” said John Dunne, director general of ukvia.

“We will pay close attention to the response to this survey to measure the seriousness of the problems facing businesses. By then, ukvia will be better able to deal with these issues on behalf of our members and the wider industry. I will encourage all those who are eligible to participate in the survey or to contact ukvia directly to mark any individual logistics issues. “

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