Trump announced a ban on bringing Cuban tobacco into the United States

According to foreign reports, recently, U.S. President trump announced that US citizens were prohibited from bringing Cuban tobacco and alcohol into the United States and staying in hotels owned by the Cuban government.

“Today, as part of our continued fight against Communist oppression, I announce that the Treasury will ban U.S. tourists from hotels owned by the Cuban government, and we will further restrict the import of alcohol and Cuban tobacco,” trump said at a White House event

Since coming to power, trump has been postponing a plan to ease relations with Cuba initiated by former President Barack Obama. Under Obama’s policy, American citizens are allowed to bring back as much Cuban alcohol and tobacco as possible for personal use.

Under Trump’s ban, citizens can buy Cuban cigarettes and alcohol while they are in Cuba, but they are not allowed to bring them back to the United States.

An official of the Cuban Embassy in Washington said: “the current U.S. authorities adhere to the policy of sanctions against Cuba, which has not achieved the proposed goal for 60 years. This is a wrong policy and is widely opposed by American society and even by Cuban Americans. “

Political observers believe trump is trying to lock in the votes of Cuban Americans in Florida for the upcoming presidential election in November.

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