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Thor AIO – Thinkvape review



The Thor AIO is a colorful podmod. It is not very discreet visually although the graphic lines are successful and well-integrated. But with a featherweight of 45 g, the Thor knows how to make itself forgotten. Offered at a competitive price, this is its strength.

Technical data

Size 78 x 44.5 x 26 mm
Weight 45 g
Battery 18650
Charge micro USB, external charge
Eliquid Capacity 3 ml


Optional screen ?

The drip tip is in 510 format. It is a little short for direct inhalation but can easily be replaced by another drip tip.

Access to the battery compartment is beneath a decorative panel. A notch on each side of the mod relieves the operation. This cut-out is well-integrated and discreet.

The pod accepts a 18650-size battery.  A strap in the cradle makes it easy to remove. Insertion of the battery is easy; the positive pole is spring-mounted. Under the Thor, there are vent holes. On closer inspection, they are only decorative and do not look into the interior of the box, which is a pity. The removable decorative panel is held in place by two strong magnets. There is no lateral or vertical play.

The fire button protrudes from the body of the mod. It is neither too firm nor too soft when pressed. It does not suffer from any parasitic rattling. At the bottom of the Thor, a small screen displays the settings.

The screen is monochrome. A “+” and a “-” button are used to adjust the settings.The mod is reduced to the strict minimum, i.e. increasing or decreasing the power output and a lock of the settings. There’s no risk of making mistakes in a multitude of menus, which probably useless for this kind of material. The screen is particularly dim. In indoor use, one can hardly distinguish the information displayed. Outdoors, it should be forgotten that a screen exists, this is a major negative point.

Correct flavors

The Thor’s cartridge has a capacity of 3 ml of e-liquid. That’s correct for a mod with the template it contains. The resistor is held in the reservoir by a series of seals. No leaks and no oozing are to be reported, even after many refills. That’s a good point. The airflow is adjusted using a small ring at the base of the resistor. It is moderately precise in use and a little too flexible in rotation.

The tank fits in its place easily and has an excellent hold. To fill it, simply lift a silicone seal. It’s simple and practical, but you have to forget about the wider bottle ends.

The Thor comes with two resistors. Both are made of mesh. One has a value of 0.2 ohms for a range of use between 35 and 50 watts. The second is 0.5 ohm for use between 20 and 25 watts. The flavors are there, the resistors do the job well. The aromatic range of each liquid is respected. The only problem that can arise is their availability. For the moment, ThinkVape is not as present as the biggest brands. It is necessary to plan resistors in advance so as not to find oneself in difficulty when it is necessary to change them.

An RBA deck can be purchased as an option to add a customized resistance to the Thor. The recurring problem with this type of accessory is the size available to “work” the resistance. Everything is much too small, and you have to be used to the rebuildable exercise to succeed in a proper assembly and cottoning without smearing your hands with liquid. Not to mention the fact that the RBA set is nothing extraordinary. The hit is a little present, the flavors weak. As it is, there is little interest in equipping its mod.

The Thor AIO is not particularly bad, nor particularly good. It is average, as several podmods are at the moment. Its featherweight and affordable price may seduce, but its almost non-existent screen and the availability of resistors are a brake.


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