The U.S. House of Representatives has voted for state marijuana programs to be free of federal control

According to foreign reports, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment on Thursday to protect all marijuana programs in the United States from federal interference. The bill was passed by 254 votes to 163. Earlier in the day, the bill was passed in an initial oral vote.

Once enacted, this measure will prevent the Department of Justice (DOJ) from using its funds to prevent countries from implementing marijuana legalization laws.

The amendment builds on an existing provision that only protects the state’s medical marijuana law from intervention by the Department of justice, which has been enacted annually through appropriation legislation since 2014.

Marijuana advocacy Says attitudes across the country have changed as more states legalize marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. In support of the opening of marijuana, congressman blumenauer said in a live debate before the vote. “Unfortunately, the federal government is still trapped by the death of Richard Nixon’s drug war, declaring marijuana a schedule I controlled substance.”

The congressman also said that the house of representatives had passed legislation to protect banks serving the marijuana industry, as well as another independent bill requiring the federal government to cancel the use of marijuana.

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