The New Zealand government once again rejected avca’s proposal to support flavored e-cigarettes

According to Vapingpost, 15 months ago, a parliamentary petition to support the use of aerosolized perfume was rejected. A year later, the petition was again submitted to the health special committee, which was eventually ruled out.

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In 2019, before the government introduced the smokers bill, the New Zealand e-cigarette advocacy organization avca submitted a petition to Parliament for the first time, asking the house of representatives to debate the government’s proposal to restrict the electronic liquid of nicotine to peppermint, menthol and tobacco. Sadly, this point has been completely ignored. It was only five days after the controversial e-cigarette law in the petition was passed that it was submitted to Parliament.

When local authorities recently reopened consultations on the draft bill, avca co director Lucas re filed a petition. She called on the new Deputy Minister of health, Dr. Aisha walar, and the new special committee on health, Dr. Liz Craig (two public health experts), to study the evidence and base their decisions on science rather than emotion.

Unfortunately, the petition was still rejected. The Ministry of Health said, “at present, it does not support the regulation to further expand the sales of spices by non patent retailers. Our proposal is that these provisions should come into force on 11 August 2021 as planned. “

In commenting on the petition, the special health committee’s tone was dismissive“ We believe that the Health Committee of the 52nd parliament has fully lobbied and debated the proposal to restrict the flavor of flavoring electronic cigarettes at the special committee stage and the house of Representatives. “

When she received a rejection, Lucas expressed her disappointment“ Last year, my petition was submitted to Parliament for several months, but not enough time and attention were given. Members of Congress passed the bill on August 5 before submitting it to the health Options Committee, and the Ministry of health rejected the proposal before the election committee, which is very disappointing. “

Lucas added: “all scientific evidence that supports electronic cigarette users to get a wide range of flavors has been overlooked. Of all this, the only winner is the multinational tobacco giant. If the government’s “Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 action plan” is to succeed, efforts must be made to improve the support of electronic cigarettes, because safer alternatives and popular flavoring must continue to be used by adults eager to quit smoking.

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