The first Lamborghini Vape, Limited sales

“You may not know that Lamborghini, today’s top super running brand, was originally a tractor factory, or you may not know that Lamborghini launched e-cigarettes this year.”

Both are true.

Last month, TONINO Lamborghini, a luxury brand owned by Lamborghini, released a new high-end e-cigarette, Lamborghini vape, with a global limit of 5000 sets, including nine new flavors of cigarettes, and the price of each set is 2800 yuan.

Lamborghini Vape

Lamborghini vape, in terms of product positioning, appearance design, product quality, price and packaging, shows that it mainly focuses on high-end products, and takes the route of luxury goods and high-end gifts.

It is understood that this product is the first to be launched in Italy and China simultaneously. The design director of Lamborghini personally supervises the design. The product appearance is the classic yellow of Lamborghini sports car.

Lamborghini Vape Pen

In order to perfect the quality of each Lamborghini vape root sports car, the Italian designer adopts Giallo inti yellow metal pearl car paint from the original factory of Lamborghini sports car. The honeycomb black area in the middle is made of Alcantara fabric imported from Italy, and the two sides of the cigarette pole are inlaid with 0.4mm high-strength carbon fiber material of Lamborghini original factory.

It’s not too much to describe the vape’s rod with “luxury”.

During the national day, the author started to experience a whole week, it’s really very delicate and thick. In particular, the combination of the suede like leather of Alcantara fabric and the metal car paint, compared with other ordinary aluminum pole electronic cigarettes sold in the market, Lamborghini vape has a “luxury” feeling in the handle, and after experiencing it, at least it can’t go back.

Luxury goods pay attention to scarcity. In addition to the limited sales of 5000 sets of cigarette sticks, Lamborghini is also very distinctive in the taste of cigarette bombs: for the first time, it has launched more than 9 unique flavors that have never been seen in the market.

There are classic cocktails made from Italy’s tisano almond liqueur, godfather’s taste, the world’s popular wild bomb flavor and the recently popular mojito flavor, as well as Pineapple Beer Flavor specially prepared for China’s localization, as well as brand-new flavors such as Tieguanyin, Changdao iced tea and cocktails. As a “luxury” positioning of high-end e-cigarettes, in the taste is really unique.

Lamborghini Vape Packaging

I suddenly thought, since ancient times, no matter in China or foreign countries, smoking set has always been a plaything in men’s hands. Under the new category of electronic cigarettes, will there be high-end toys worthy of men’s “playing”?

However, Lamborghini’s traditional cigarettes have been sold in South Korea and other places for many years as a test water for the tobacco industry. However, it is the first time that a brand-new e-cigarette is created with luxury positioning.

And Lamborghini four words in the public eye, is the world’s top super running pronoun. But chaopao is not the only property of the Lamborghini family.

In 1981, with the inheritance and development of the second generation leader, Mr. tonilo Lamborghini, the Lamborghini brand expanded its family business to many luxury areas: from tractors to super sports cars, to fashion jewelry, even five-star hotels, smart phones, and now high-end e-cigarettes.

To sum it up with a slogan of Lamborghini urus:

Since we made it possible,

We made it possible!

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