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TAKI pod system was officially launched, the minimum price is only 1 yuan


Beijing Konjac Technology officially released a new product of its vape brand TAKI on May 21, which is the No. 8 and No. 22 cartridges developed by TAKI in cooperation with senior tobacco flavoring engineers of Boton Group. The price of a single product is 35 yuan. These two cartridges not only highly restored the flavor of Chinese classical flue-cured tobacco, but also reduced the nicotine salt content to 24mg/ml, far below the industry’s 50 mg/ml, which guaranteed satisfaction while reducing the user’s intake of nicotine salt.

At the same time, in order to promote the popularity of the vape, TAKI also introduced a 1 yuan exchangeable cartridge changing vape device, and the structure design of the vape is completely open source. Other manufacturers can design appropriate cartridges for consumers to choose freely.

Chung Yufei, founder of TAKI and CEO of Konjac technology, said that just as TAKI’s brand slogan “likes more and restrains more”, TAKI should not only create products they like for consumers, but also be a restrained brand. Therefore, it is necessary to dominate the stock market and make electronic cigarette products that can truly meet the needs of traditional smokers, so as to achieve harm reduction.

Exclusive research and development to restore the original flavor of tobacco

Scientific data show that compared with traditional tobacco, electronic cigarette does not contain tar. Low temperature atomization instead of high temperature combustion mode can significantly reduce harmful substances in smoke. Electronic cigarette is less harmful to health than traditional tobacco, whether for smokers or the surrounding population. The Ministry of Public Health estimates that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes.

However, for the traditional smokers, the mainstream electronic cigarettes on the market can not become a real tobacco substitute. The core reason is that the reduction of taste of electronic cigarettes is far inferior to that of traditional tobacco. However, the industry’s common solution is to increase the “throat feeling” by constantly increasing nicotine salt content, and to replace the aroma of traditional tobacco with the throat feeling. Consumers seem satisfied, but it brings higher risk of addiction.

In order to solve this core problem, TAKI cooperated with Zhang Shangming, a veteran tobacco flavor adjuster of Boton Group for 19 years, and lasted more than 1,000 odor stabilization experiments and 500 real tobacco comparative tests for 4 months. At last, the core breakthrough of tobacco raw material extract was realized, and the effective ingredients that can reduce tobacco aroma were added to the cartridge, thus the TAKI No. 8 and No. 22 cartridges were produced. —— Not only the original flavor of two classical Chinese flue-cured tobacco “Furong Wang” and “Suyan” was successfully restored, but also the content of nicotine salt was reduced to 24 mg/ml.

In addition, the structure of natural cotton atomization core and the unique windmill separation technology were used in the TAKI 8 and 22 cartridges, which not only eliminated the potential risk of dust particles being sucked into the lungs of the ceramic atomization core, but also ensured that the vape juice atomized more delicately at constant temperature, retained the fragrance molecules to the greatest extent, and “locked” the original taste of tobacco.

At the same time, because of the unique natural cotton structure of TAKI cartridges, vape juice attached to cotton will form the sound of air cracking, which is consistent with the principle of traditional cigarettes, thus restoring the Zzz sound of real tobacco ignition, bringing a more real interactive feeling.

Strictly Select Material to Solve the Pain Point of E-liquids Leakage in Industry

In order to solve the problem of e-liquids leakage in the industry, TAKI pioneered the use of double-set structure of cartridge silica gel sleeve sealed packaging, effectively prevent vape juice leakage in the process of transportation and carrying. TAKI also redesigned the internal structure of the cartridge. Through the protection of six cigarette-like laser micro-holes and top natural cotton, the vapor molecule can be effectively blocked to prevent vape juice leakage in the use process. Users no longer have to endure full bitterness.

Based on the pursuit of quality, TAKI chose high-quality materials to improve product safety regardless of cost. Among them, the vape device is made of high-cost anodic alumina material, which has better hand feel and longer service life; the cartridge is made of infant pacifier-grade anti-bacterial PCTG material, which meets the NSF/ANSI 51 standard of FDA, and is more comfortable to use; and the vape holder adopts more ergonomic arc design to make the user’s lip feel better.

Jingdong Mall Synchronized Opening of Pre-sale

TAKI’s new products will be on sale in JD on May 21. The price of the vape device is 1 yuan, and the price of 8 and 22 cartridges is 35 yuan.

In order to satisfy the diversity of users tastes, TAKI has also introduced four other vape juice flavors, namely, blueberry popcorn, mung bean smoothie, cold-extracted coffee and ice-sweet litchi. The price of each product is 30 yuan, and the price of each product is ready-to-vape. The price of TAKI Mini series, which covers five flavors, namely blueberry popcorn, mung bean smoothie, cold-extracted coffee, ice-sweet litchi and classic tobacco, will be 45 yuan, all of which will be sold simultaneously on Jingdong Pre-sale.

In the future, TAKI will also cover thousands of channels and outlets offline, and has launched the “Urban Partner Program” to recruit partners in 100 cities across the country. Zhong Yufei promises to share 10% of the equity with partners to provide more consumers with better electronic cigarette products and services.

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