South Korea’s e-cigarettes are growing against the trend

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has had an important impact on many industries around the world, and the development of e-cigarette industry has also cast a shadow.

90% of the world’s steam e-cigarettes are produced in China. Due to the impact of the blockade and isolation policy, many e-cigarette supply chain enterprises in China are unable to work normally from late February to early March, and workers are unable to return to work, resulting in a global shortage of e-cigarettes.

In late February, when the epidemic situation in China was improving, that in South Korea was in an urgent situation and the growth rate was very fast.

Affected by the epidemic, I thought the sales volume of e-cigarettes in South Korea would decline seriously, but strangely, the e-cigarettes market in South Korea not only did not decline, but also increased significantly!

Actual sales statistics from South Korean convenience stores show that by the end of February, the market share of e-cigarettes in South Korean tobacco retail industry had reached 13.1%. Tobacco industry officials said, “this is the highest record ever.”.

The official said, novel coronavirus infection spread, the increase in indoor smoking caused the increase of electronic cigarette sales. Because of the cold winter, the sales volume of e-cigarettes is on the increase trend, but the sales volume in February this year is significantly higher than that in January, which is very rare. “

The tobacco industry in South Korea predicts that the share of e-cigarettes will continue to increase in the future. The cognitive diffusion of “e-cigarettes are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes”, the advantages of non odor and the reduction of smoking places will change the demand for e-cigarettes.

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