Snap-on Filter Removes 97% of Secondhand Vapor

Philter Labs launched its Phreedom filtration device that allows users to inhale and exhale into the same mouthpiece, eliminating up to 97 percent of secondhand vapor and smell.

The filter is designed to work with 80 percent of the existing cartridges on the market, and it attaches to all 510 cannabis and CBD cartridges.

“The Phreedom represents a massive step toward a vaping culture free of exhaled vapor, pollutants and best of all, its associated shame,” said Philter Labs’ chief technology officer and inventor, John Grimm, in a statement.

“We wanted to provide a product that respects a person’s right to vape. The Phreedom is exactly that, with seamless integration for the majority of vape cartridges on the market and an enhanced experience focused on protecting people’s health, the health of the environment and the quality of the consumer experience.”

The Phreedom uses Philter’s patented Zero-5 technology to help eliminate secondhand vapor.

Philter offers other filtration devices, but the Phreedom is the first to allow users to inhale and exhale through the device.

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