Sichuan Zhongyan kungfu HNB has successively entered the markets of New Zealand and Malaysia to accelerate overseas expansion

On October 16, Sichuan Zhongyan “Kuanzhai” heating cigarette was officially launched in New Zealand, which is another breakthrough after Sichuan Zhongyan heating cigarette products entered the European market. The products on the market include three flavors: strong original flavor, strong mint and blueberry mint. In the early stage, it entered the sales network dominated by more than 30 e-cigarette stores in Auckland and focused on highlighting the sales characteristics of new tobacco products. The initial price was NZ $13 per package (about RMB 58.5). In order to expand the influence of products, the news of listing was released simultaneously in the local “Tianwei net” and other media. As the epidemic situation eases, the products will be gradually sold in Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown and other major cities.

In the Malaysian market, on November 15, Sichuan Kungfu experience store was officially opened at the maritime Plaza of Penang commercial complex in Malaysia, covering an area of 90 square meters. The experience store mainly sells Kuanzhai cigarette bombs and Kungfu cigarette sets. There are three areas in the store, including exhibition area, experience area and cashier area, which adhere to the customer experience as the core and provide open, experiential and immersive consumption experience. We believe that Sichuan Zhongyan heating non combustion brand is accelerating the development of the international market, which will further enhance the overseas popularity and market sales of China’s heating cigarettes, benefit China’s HNB industrial chain, and the leading enterprises are expected to usher in rapid growth with leading R & D advantages and excellent product strength.

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