Royal College of internal medicine of Ireland calls for banning e-cigarettes other than tobacco and mint flavors

According to foreign reports, recently, the Royal College of internal medicine of Ireland (RCPI) called for the prohibition of all electronic liquid flavoring agents purchased in Ireland. The organization said its goal is to protect children from equipment that imitates smoking.

The RCPI tobacco policy group welcomes the latest findings of the Health Research Council (HRB) review of e-cigarettes and seeks to ban all flavors except tobacco flavored electronic liquids. According to the Irish medical times, the group also called for stronger regulation of e-cigarettes and future taxes.

The HRB review of e-cigarette use found that e-cigarettes were associated with adolescents who started smoking, which could lead to serious harm.

Professor des Cox, chair of the RCPI tobacco policy group, said: “these findings have important implications for public health and do not support the recommendation of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.”

They recommend that people use nicotine replacement therapy and / or drugs prescribed by their GP instead of e-cigarettes when trying to quit smoking.

“We are concerned about finding that teenagers who use e-cigarettes are at increased risk of starting smoking. It is still legal for minors to buy e-cigarettes in Ireland. Our group calls for the introduction of the tobacco products act, which was promised by the former government, into legislation. In addition, some research results also show that e-cigarette is not more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in stopping smoking, and the safety of e-cigarette is not clear because it is not regulated. What we know is that they can cause burns, injuries and lung damage

The Royal College of physicians has published several studies that have found that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than flammable cigarettes. Action has been taken to debunk the theory, but several health experts agree.

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