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Reviewing the Lost Mary 4in1 Vape Flavour Pods: Exploring the Top 3 Flavors


The Lost Mary 4in1 Vape Flavour Pods offer a unique and versatile vaping experience, especially when used with the Lost Mary 4in1 kit. This review dives into the variety and quality of flavors available, ensuring you know what to expect from each pod.

Overview of Lost Mary 4in1 Prefilled Pods

These prefilled pods are designed specifically for the Lost Mary 4in1 kit, renowned for its capacity to hold four different flavors at once. Each pod contains 2ml of e-liquid, infused with 20mg nicotine salt for a smooth, rapid nicotine delivery without the harsh throat hit.

Lost Mary 4in1 Vape in Hand

Flavour Variety and Pod Design

The pods come equipped with a 1.2ohm QUAQ mesh coil, similar to those found in the Elfbar ELFX, ensuring consistent flavor and vapor production. The ability to switch flavors on the go by simply twisting the device adds a level of convenience that’s hard to beat.

Lost Mary 4in1 Flavour Cartridges

Detailed Flavor Analysis

We tested twelve flavors provided by Vapeast, from fruity delights to refreshing menthols. Here’s a glimpse at a few standout profiles:

  • Double Apple: A balanced mix of sweet red and tangy green apples, reminiscent of a fresh apple bite.
  • Menthol: While it delivers a cooling effect, it lacks the strong menthol punch some might expect.
  • Peach Ice: Offers a juicy peach taste with a subtle icy finish, making it a balanced and refreshing choice.

Performance and Practicality

The pods promise up to 3200 puffs in ECO mode when using four simultaneously. This feature, combined with the ability to mix and match, enhances the user’s experience, allowing for a tailored vaping session based on personal flavor preferences.

Environmental and Cost Efficiency

Opting for prefilled pods over disposable vapes not only reduces waste but also offers better value. Each pod doubles the amount of e-liquid compared to standard disposables at a comparable price, emphasizing both sustainability and economy.

Final Puffs: Is It Worth the Switch?

The Lost Mary 4in1 Vape Flavour Pods transform the vaping experience with their variety and innovative design. Whether you’re a fan of fruity, icy, or traditional tobacco flavors, these pods cater to all tastes with a high degree of flexibility and enjoyment.

Curious to try these flavors or mix your own combinations? Head over to Vape Club to pick your pack, and don’t forget to share your favorite flavor combos below! Keep following us at for more vape insights and reviews.

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