Review: Nightmare Mini RDA – Suicide Mods

The latest offering from Suicide Mods is the Nightmare Mini RDA. It’s the smaller version of the Nightmare RDA and a gem of a dripper. With two coils it’s airy and loaded with flavour – fans of direct inhalation will love it.

A mini version that has everything the big ones do

Suicide Mods is known for making high quality, well-designed products. The Nightmare Mini RDA is no exception – this dripper has everything going for it: its design, flavour rendering and practicality.

Technical specs


Diameter25 mm
BF optionBF pin included
Assembly typeSimple and complex
Mounting plateDouble coil
Range of useaccording to assembly
Air intakeFrom underneath
Drip tip810
MaterialsSteel and ultem

What’s in the box?

  • Spare parts
  • BF pin
  • Drip tip
  • Tool

A gorgeous dripper

The first plus point of the Nightmare Mini RDA is its design. The dome is decorated with a stunning, sharp-edged skull design deeply engraved into the side. Suicide Mods have clearly put a lot of thought into this to please vapers who love this style.

The dome also has two sets of air inlets – sixteen in all – so you can adjust the settings precisely. It’s topped with a fairly short 810 drip tip that’s attached securely by the seals.

Under the dome is the mounting plate. Its two large posts make it easy to insert any size of wire and create some unusual assemblies. Two large screws mean you can fit the coils from above, while the air inlets are directed directly under the coils to boost flavour.

This air flow system ends under the coil so the air can flow from the holes in the dome into small side channels and come out just under the coil. That cools the coil and really adds interest to the flavours.

The underside of the plate is marked with the serial number and it’s also where you unscrew the classic 510 pin to fit the bottom feeder pin that comes in the box.

This Nightmare Mini RDA is a little gem – it looks great and has been carefully designed to deliver powerful flavours and let you make huge clouds. Suicide Mods has succeeded in making a fantastic, high-quality dripper.

Old-fashioned assembly

The mounting plate in the Nightmare Mini RDA is quite old school, maybe even a bit technical for beginners. The most complicated bit is mounting two coils simultaneously – which means you need two shafts. Other than this slight hurdle, which gets easier with practice, the Nightmare is extremely easy to use. The coils mounted here in the photos are aliens made by Turtle coils of Ni80 3×28/38g for a stabilized value of 0.16 ohm.

The space on the plate will easily let you mount coils of up to 4 mm. And that means a lot of big clouds. Even so, this dripper performs well with more ordinary sized coils.

Perfect air delivery

One of the best things about the Nightmare is its air inlets. The redirection system under the coil effortlessly brings out all the flavours, and the size of the sixteen holes in the dome makes chasing clouds a breeze. Suicide Mods has put a lot of thought into designing this dripper, and these air inlets prove it.

Being able to adjust these air inlets means everyone can find their perfect vape. Just turn the dome slightly to the right to start closing off the air intake holes two by two (one on each side). This lends a certain finesse to this set-up – perfect for direct vaping fans.


What we like

  • Exquisite design
  • True, delicious flavours
  • Impressive amount of vapour
  • Perfectly designed air inlets
  • Flawless technical production

What we don’t like

  • Beginners might struggle the first time they put it together

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