Research: support for e-cigarettes on social media is higher than that of anti e-cigarettes

support for e-cigarettes on social media is higher than that of anti e-cigarettes

On March 24. according to vapingpost, a new study published in the Journal of communication frontier shows that the number of e-cigarettes promoted on instagram exceeds the number of anti promotions, including the FDA’s campaign label, with a ratio of 10000 to 1.

The study, called “Chen vape: measuring the impact of e-cigarettes on instagram through in-depth learning and text analysis,” showed that the FDA’s “true cost” awareness campaign had little success in stopping teenagers from smoking.

The unusual campaign, called “disrespectful” by FDA officials, was launched in 2018 to spread the message that while e-cigarettes can release addictive nicotine, the toxins in e-cigarettes can have unexpected health effects.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott? “We are acting on a very clear science that the epidemic is spreading,” Dr. Gottlieb said at the conference. “The data we have shows that just last year, the number of teenagers using e-cigarettes has risen dramatically, which is disturbing.”

To conduct the current study, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for integrated childhood leukemia and the environment (circle) analyzed 245894 instagram posts before and after the real cost event. In addition, the team interviewed five influencers of e-cigarettes and eight social media users of college students.

“U.S. public health officials have always called the place among teenagers what kind of an epidemic you are,” said study author Julia Vassey. “They have invested a lot of energy in trying to stop the epidemic by introducing an anti e-cigarette campaign. However, such a serious imbalance in the number of positions has resulted in FDA information being flooded by marketing from e-cigarette brands. “

Vassey added that instagram was chosen as the most popular marketing platform, so it was chosen. “We are focused on instagram because many influential influencers interviewed in this study see instagram as their most important social media marketing platform,” Vassey explained

“Based on the results, the FDA’s anti e-smoking campaign is not very popular, and we see instagram users’ comments against the FDA’s claims that nicotine damages health effects and is called a campaign propaganda.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, advertising regulator ASA recently ordered bat, the tobacco company, to stop advertising its e-cigarettes from any public account on instagram.

The decision came after the group surveyed seven instagram Posts prompted by a number of health organizations, including the action on smoking and health (ash), the smoke free children’s movement and stop tobacco organizations and products.

In the complaint, British American tobacco was accused of using models under the age of 25 to promote its products, which is banned in the UK. “To prevent tobacco companies from using social media to advertise to young people in the UK and around the world, the ASA ruling is a big step forward,” said Mark Hurley, director of international communications for the smoke free children’s movement.

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