Relx severely cracked down on counterfeiting official websites and other torts

The reporter learned from relx that the “Golden Shield operation” of relx, which focuses on cracking down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, has added new achievements: Recently, it assisted Shapingba police in Chongqing to find out a case of counterfeit Yueke official website and other official channels for wechat selling activities. The case also involved the information crime of illegal production. A total of 4 suspects were arrested at the scene, and the police are still in the process of further investigation.

It is reported that all the four suspects work in Chongqing shiwangzhiao Network Technology Co., Ltd., and one of them is the legal representative of the company. In April this year, Chongqing shiwangzhiao registered Chongqing shiwangzhiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. to fake Yueke staff and promote e-cigarettes, shoes and bags, including Yueke, by adding wechat. In addition, “Chongqing Yueke” also carries the banner of Yueke company to develop downstream distributors everywhere to expand the wechat sales network.

The reporter learned that Chongqing shiwangzhiao not only fakes Yueke official to conduct illegal wechat activities, but also sells inferior quality fake products. In addition, Chongqing shizhiao is also a brand agent of Chongqing.

certificate of authorization

(letter of authorization for Chongqing Shiwang zhiao to be the first grade general agent of a certain brand in Chongqing, and the exhibition shelves and goods displayed in the company’s office)

According to the person in charge of relx’s “Gold Shield operation”, in addition to Chongqing Lion King pride, which has been put on file by the police, relx has also assisted local public security organs to crack down on a number of Internet illegal sales cases of counterfeit Yueke brands and products. All suspects have been detained by the public security organs.

In response to a number of recent illegal acts of counterfeiting Yueke official website, relx issued an official statement on September 5 that it would resolutely crack down on such violations and remind consumers not to be deceived.

(on September 5, relx officially issued a solemn statement.)

In the statement, relx reminded its partners and consumers that since November 2019, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the State Administration of market supervision jointly issued the notice on further protecting minors from e-cigarettes, rekx Yueke has taken the initiative to close its sales channels on its official website for the first time. We hope that consumers can carefully identify, do not buy counterfeit, counterfeit products, or be cheated to obtain online banking registration card number (login ID), password, password and other information.

In the past two months alone, relx’s “Gold Shield operation” reported and cracked down on 231 wechat businesses selling fake Yueke products, and closed 20464 online Shanzhai Yueke sales links involving domestic and overseas domains. So far, the “Golden Shield operation” of relx has cracked down on 150000 counterfeit goods, and more than 45000 fake Yueke accounts and links have been removed from the shelves on major online platforms at home and abroad.

Among them, RELX’s official channel to crack down on the copycat cottage is also the official account of the “WeChat Yue”, “fake Chongqing electronic cigarette”, “RELX monopoly Hua Zhi Ding”, “Yue Ting RELX flagship” and other WeChat public numbers, and the WeChat Mini programs such as “RELX Guangzhou”, “RELX Zhejiang” and “RELX Nanning Yue Ting franchise”, besides the above official channels for the Shanzhai’s entertainment.

All of these Shanzhai Yueke channels attract consumers under the banner of low price and preferential treatment, but they sell fake and inferior Sanwu products. Relx detection found that these three no products not only have a bad production environment, but also have many potential safety problems, such as serious oil leakage, harmful substances exceeding the standard and nicotine content inconsistent with the label.

“We appeal to consumers not to be greedy and believe in online wechat businesses. They must purchase through regular channels before they can use them safely,” said the person in charge of relx “Gold Shield operation”. Without the prior written permission of relx, no unit or individual is allowed to use, copy, modify, transcribe, disseminate, bundle with other products or sell any part of the above official website information and materials in any way or for any reason. ” (source: relx)

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