Relx announced the launch of infinity in the UK for 19.9 pounds

According to foreign reports, China’s e-cigarette brand relx Relx announced the launch of its next generation of high-end e-cigarette infinity in the UK, that is, Relx infinity in China.

Relx said the product will help adult smokers in the UK transition to better alternatives.

Relx Infinity

In addition, the company announced its upcoming entry-level device, which will enable users to experience infinity at a more accessible price.

Infinity has relx’s latest innovations in product design, smoke bomb quality, mobility and overall user experience.

The product took more than 380 days to design, and infinity demonstrated relx’s ability to innovate in the high-end category, officials said.

Infinity will be listed in the UK in August and will retail for £ 19.90, equivalent to 181 yuan.

‘infinity shows our focus on technological innovation,’ said Kate Wang, CEO of relx. I am proud of the entire global team of relx, who have created innovative equipment with exquisite design, outstanding technology and commitment to relx’s world-renowned reputation.

Ultimately, our goal is to help smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit to make a confident transition to better choices, says Kate Wang. We believe that budget friendly entry devices also allow users to experience the quality features of relx.

In March 2020, infinity was awarded the 2020 product design red dot award. Red dot is not the first time relx has won awards for its product design. Relx I, the first intelligent electronic cigarette device of relx, won the Bronze Award in 2019 in the European product design award and the Bronze Award in the international design award in 2018.

The number of e-cigarettes in the UK has reached 3.6 million, about half the number of smokers. According to the latest data from action on smoking and health, most smokers are former smokers, and the main reason for using e-cigarettes is to give up tobacco.

The e-cigarette category is currently worth 177 million pounds in traditional UK retail sales, up 11.5% last year.

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