Puff bar e-cigarette filed $75 million lawsuit against more than 20 companies

According to foreign reports, puff Inc., the owner of DS technology licensing distributor puff Inc., a registered trademark owner of disposable e-cigarette puff bar, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County High Court, suing more than 20 Chinese and American companies that distribute counterfeit electronic cigarette devices.

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The defendants include international manufacturer and distributor kakuqi cacuq, U.S. distributors and e-commerce companies, and physical retail stores. Here is a list of current defendants. The plaintiff is represented by gallanger law PC.

The lawsuit involved counterfeit puff bar steam equipment and counterfeit products identified as puff smart, puff mini, puff Stig and airis puff, seeking $50 million in damages and $25 million in punitive damages.

In a statement, the company said the defendants in the lawsuit infringed the famous “puff” and “Puff bar” trademarks by introducing the use of puff competitive equipment associated with the puff bar steam unit and by publicly selling counterfeit or counterfeit puff bar steam units.

Related defendants:





Shenzhen VapeMons Technology Co., Ltd

Blink Imports LLC

J&L D Sunset Wholesale & Tobacco

Smoke 1 (CA)

Daniel Rahbar Distributions and Representations LLC

Gypsy Vapes a.k.a. The Bambino Company

Temecula Cash & Carry, Inc.

Pitco Tobacco, Inc.

Tobacco Cartel, Inc.

Global Vapors LLC

Mayvillage Trading, LLC

Sky Distribution LLC

Vapes Society Distro Inc.

Cloud 9 Smoke Company Inc

Vaporider LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Crestview LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Destin LLC

Sweet Southern Vapes Niceville LLC

Unishow Inc.

The Local Vapory LLC

My Vape Store

Sema International Inc.

Ecto World LLC

ELiquid Depot

G & Fire

Vapor Exotica Group, LLC

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