Philip Morris International Japan announced that it will sell HNB new products iqos iluma and terea in Japan from August 18

Philip Morris Japan (hereinafter referred to as pmj) held a press conference in Tokyo on the 17th, released two models of iqos new heating non combustion equipment “iqos iluma” and “iqos iluma prime” and 11 flavors of special cigarette bomb “terea”, and announced that it will be sold in Japan on the 18th.


The new product takes on a new look. The two models of iqos iluma series sold in Japan this time adopt the new technology “intelligent core inductance system” ™”, This is the first device in the history of iqos that does not heat flakes.

Start heating from the core. Iqos iluma series equipment is no longer a general Marlboro cigarette bomb, but uses the special cigarette bomb “terea” to heat tobacco leaves from the inside, so as to improve the suction experience without residue and cleaning, so as to realize the upgrading experience of iqos.


Compared with previous iqos, iqos iluma series is a more practical device. Because there is no heating sheet, there is no need to worry about loss.

Note: the special smoke bomb “terea” cannot be used with traditional iqos equipment or other heating non combustion equipment, because the smoke bomb contains metal sheets, which will damage the equipment.

Iqos iluma prime is a newly designed flagship model with aluminum body combined with other material shells. It has four colors: Jed green, gold khaki, osidia black and bronze; Iqos iluma follows the previous iqos design. The fuselage has five colors: brownish green, light gold, gray, blue and sunset red; The shell accessories and cigarette rod accessories of the two models can be customized according to individual needs.

According to the general specification, the cigarette rod can be used continuously for 2 times each time, once every 20 times, and the charging time is about 135 minutes. Both models have advanced functions that can be enabled or disabled, such as intelligent gesture (lifting / double clicking), automatic start / stop, change of light decoration, alarm function, etc. the details can be confirmed on the iqos website.

For the sales of iqos iluma and iqos iluma prime in Japan, the reservation sales of iqos online store and iqos line official account will begin on August 17, and the distribution will start successively after September 2.

In addition, from August 18, 2021, it will be sold in 9 iqos stores and iqos iluma lab Shibuya (a limited fashion store during the period) in Japan.

Then, from September 2, 2021, the telemarketing of iqos stores, iqos counters, national cigarette sales stores including convenience stores, some iqos spot stores and iqos telemarketing centers began to sell in turn.

Specific sales time of the new iqos Series in Japan

Taste and sales of new iqos special cigarette bombs

Philip Morris International innovated again, further away from the ideal “smoke-free society”. Iqos iluma series has unprecedented ease of use, attraction and satisfaction. This helps to convert the of adult smokers from traditional cigarettes to heated non combustible products.

As of June 30, 2021, PMI’s smokeless products have been sold in 67 markets, and its goal is to expand to 100 markets by 2025. At present, more than 20 million users use iqos worldwide, of which more than 73% of men and women (about 14.7 million) have been completely converted to iqos. In addition, the remaining about 5 million people are switching at different stages. PMI’s goal is to replace at least 40 million PMI cigarette users who continue to smoke with heated non combustible products by 2025. In addition, by 2025, more than 50% of PMI’s net income will come from smokeless products.

Regarding this release, Jacek olczak, CEO of PMI, made the following comments.

“Based on scientific evidence, the company provides a better alternative to iqos for adult smokers who intend to continue traditional cigarettes. The alternative of traditional cigarettes can be accepted by adult smokers, which is an important factor for the company to completely break away from traditional cigarettes. Even if the products with low risk are not replaced by adult smokers, they will not bring benefits to smokers or public health. Responding to the needs and expectations of adult smokers and developing products according to scientific basis are important factors for adult smokers to accept. “

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