Petitions To Legalize Marijuana in Oklahoma Submitted

Campaigners in Oklahoma submitted a petition to legalize marijuana statewide.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Voters in Oklahoma could vote on recreational marijuana legalization in the next year or two, reports local news.

Earlier this month, an organization filed petitions to both legalize recreational marijuana and to update medical marijuana laws in the state to be in line with other states, like nearby Colorado.

The authors of the questions are representatives of the political action committee Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action.

The committee told News 12, a Fox affiliate, that they expect to start collecting signatures for the 2022 election on Thanksgiving.

Vaping Post viewed the petition for legal recreational marijuana.

It shall be lawful for all persons twenty-one (21) years of age and older to grow, purchase, transport, receive, prepare and consume marijuana and marijuana products. It shall be lawful for all persons twenty-one (21) years of age and older to possess up to: twelve (12) marijuana plants and the marijuana harvested therefrom; one (1) ounce of concentrated marijuana; seventy-two (72) ounces of topical marijuana; seventy-two (72) ounces of edible marijuana; eight (8) ounces of suppository marijuana; and eight (8) ounces of commercially sold marijuana. These amounts are cumulative. The legislature is permitted to increase these quantities as well as permit other forms of marijuana.

The petition continues:

It shall be lawful for all persons twenty-one (21) years of age and older to purchase, possess and use marijuana paraphernalia.

Growing or processing amounts in excess of what this section permits for personal possession, or the distribution in any amount with consideration, shall require a business license issued by the agency responsible for regulating marijuana.

According to the same committee, the medical marijuana petition would further clarify state law for medical marijuana to further develop the regulatory framework for the benefit of consumers.

A new State Agency is hereby created called the Oklahoma State Cannabis Commission, which shall assume all administrative, regulatory, and appropriate adjudicative authority over cannabis, hemp, and marijuana plants, the products derived therefrom, and the related services as established in the provisions set forth in this Article.

This story will be included as a part of Vaping Post’s upcoming election coverage.

The 2021 General Election for the United States of America is Tuesday, November 2nd.

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