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IVG has millions of consumers in more than 60 countries on six continents. As a recipient of numerous international awards, IVG offers a wide range of mouthwatering smoky flavors. Sweet series, Desserts series, menthol series, macarons series, Tobacco series, each kind of e-liquid has a taste to satisfy every taste bud. The vision of IVG has always been to pursue excellence. To learn more about IVG e-liquid, click on:

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Sweet Series: Do you like sweets? And these tastes satisfy all your desire for sweets perfectly.IVG e-liquid

Desserts Series: Exotic and aromatic milk tea, full of cardamom aroma with a hint of cream.

Menthol Series: Black iceberg, blue iceberg, blueberry ice burst, cherry wave, icy kiwi and rainbow explosion, you can know how cool it tastes just by the name.IVG e-liquid

Macarons Series: The flavor of French macarons round cake. The texture is light, with a hearty fruit and cream filling.

Tobacco Series: A true tobacco flavor, a natIVG e-liquidural blend of Virginia tobacco, warm tones with sweet cream and the essence of black truffles

IVG’s vision

“We believe that we are standing in front of the world and making great steam products. This has not changed. Our team has always focused on innovation, growth and customer satisfaction. We have the technology to produce high-end products, focusing on the the development of taste.IVG e-liquid

IVG vision has always been to be satisfied with excellence in everything we do. In the evolving vape industry, they use honesty and courage to change and break through, making them lead the industry.

The Vaping Device Has Experienced 8 Generations of Evolution

E-cigarettes are mainly divided into Vaping Device and heating not burn vape, the latter belongs to the new type of e-cigarettes, and IQOS belongs to HnB equipment.


In 2015, the heat not burn e-cigarettes represented by IQOS began to appear. By 2016, IQOS quickly became popular around the world, and some domestic and foreign traditional tobacco companies and e-cigarette companies began to develop similar heating not burning products. Today, we are sharing the evolutionary history of vaping device, which are already the eighth generation of e-cigarettes by 2018.


The first generation vaping device


As a prototype of a cigarette substitute. The first generation e-cigarette has an electronic controller that is separate from the battery, which controls the 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery to discharge current. It uses a three-stage structure of batteries, atomizers and cartridges. The battery controller limits the voltage to 4.2v through the micro board and outputs a voltage of 3.3v. And this e-cigarette is a huge success on market.


The second generation vaping device


Mechanical e-cigarette. The early second-generation e-cigarette model included a 14500 lithium battery case (for example: the Nicostick, an early e-cigarette prototype that was first discussed at a foreign e-cigarette forum in 2009, with a battery case on the e-cigarette). A two-headed copper tube (the early prototype with the copper). The first commercially successful second-generation e-cigarette prototype was the Screwdriver made by Trog in the UK.


The most typical feature: the RC123a lithium battery is larger and takes longer to use. At the same time, Trog used a resistor to reduce the battery voltage to 5V. The second generation e-cigarette holders combines the cartridge and the atomizer into one. It is also possible to count medium-sized e-cigarette as second-generation e-cigarette, such as EGO‘s medium-sized e-cigarette. The market imitation rate is very high because of not applying for patents.


The third generation vaping device


Electronically regulated e- igarette. Box style design, there are still two lithium batteries, normally the voltage is 7.4v and the maximum voltage is 8.4v, but with an electronic voltage regulator controller, the battery output voltage control is stable at 5V, using lithium battery, rechargeable, use the cigarette holder that can be repeatedly added with e-liquid. The 5V battery-box e-cigarette dominates the 2010 market and is able to satisfy the vast majority of consumers.


The fourth generation vaping device


Electronic voltage regulators lead the trend of the fourth generation e-cigarette. Use a rough potentiometer button to provide external voltage control, or use a screwdriver to adjust the voltage. There was no display at first. Later, a display like a very original electronic watch was added like iJoy revenger. It’s more convenient.

vape girl 2018

The fifth generation vaping device


Increase or decrease the pressure regulating box device, the voltage regulator can generate the voltage used by any atomizers, and is not limited by the battery voltage, and even a lithium battery can be used to adjust any voltage required. Of course, there is a requirement for the quality of the battery.

vape girl 2018

The sixth generation vaping device


Power control type e-cigarette. The sixth generation electronic cigarettes is marked with adjustable output power, which means that the wattage of the atomizer output can be adjusted. In the case of the same output power, no matter what kind of atomizer is used, the amount of smoke generated is basically no difference. Like Evolv’s Darwin series, it is also the first six-generation commercial e-cigarette product.

vape girl 2018

The seventh generation vaping device


In the first quarter of 2015, the seventh generation of temperature control e-cigarette was introduced. The advantage is that it can avoid burning the cotton core and set the maximum temperature limit to prevent the thermal degradation of the smoke oil caused by excessive temperature. But the disadvantage is that high temperatures can cause the voltage to be less stable.

vape hk

The eighth generation vaping device


Since 2017, some constant-voltage small e-cigarettes have appeared on the market. By 2018, small e-cigarettes will explode, and a variety of mini vapes varieties will flood into the market. Almost all e-cigarette manufacturers have developed their own mini vape products.vape hk



You Can Smoke Like This – Secret High Tech

I saw an innovative product called ibacco recently. The real cigarette can be inserted directly from the top, rolled in and out easily.

According to the relevant person in charge of ibacco, this is the world’s first, ceramic three-dimensional all-round heating, reducing the tobacco flavor, and the taste is more mellow. Heating and no burning, no open flame, no smoke ash, no carbon deposit, health and safety.

ibaccoibacco video

By heating non-combustion technology, it effectively filters out the production of carcinogens such as 90% tar and carbon monoxide. It is applicable to 99% of the ordinary cigarettes on the market, and no special cigarettes are required.

There are also five smoking modes: standard mode, light mode, mellow mode, strong mode, and custom mode. Read the introduction, no matter different patterns or different intensity, tastes are not limited and taste is unchanged. It can be seen that the development of this product has taken a lot of thoughts!


It is understood that this product like iQOS is currently on the market, the manufacturer is Shenzhen Ebak Technology, and Shenzhen Brother Cloud is the general distributor in China.


Recently, China Tobacco Guangdong Industry Co., Ltd. Golden Leaf Cigarette Factory (Macau) Co., Ltd. listed the first batch of heat not burn tobacco products listed in Laos, marking the official appearance of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC new tobacco products in the overseas market. China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC is also the third company in the industry to introduce heating and non-burning tobacco products.

guangdong heat not burn guangdong heat not burn

The new tobacco products MU+ and ING are the first vape products to be launched successfully by China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC after nearly five years of technical reserve and continuous research and development.

guangdong heat not burn guangdong heat not burn

The first products on the market include two types of heating appliances, as well as Chinese-style dried tangerine peel and mint-flavored cigarettes, which are rich in incense and have a high degree of comfort to smoke. It is suitable for different consumer needs and has strong product competitiveness.

guangdong heat not burn

What is Vaping? guangdong heat not burn

China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC innovative heating and non-burning tobacco products adopt disordered formula tobacco technology, flavoring technology and processing technology. The cigarettes use independent research and development design materials, structures, and formula tobacco sources to solve the current source of raw materials for smoking media. It breaks through the bottleneck of equipment in industrial mass production and improves the sensory quality stability of the product.

guangdong heat not burn

The debut of new tobacco products reflects the three advantages of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC in the field of new tobacco work:

guangdong heat not burn

First, make full use of Macao Golden Leaf and Cambodian Winnipeg to create a new tobacco production and sales base and system;

Second, industrialized mass production has been realized on existing equipment, and its core patents have no risk of infringement;

Third, on the basis of technical reserves, the overseas test sales of heating non-burning tobacco products were quickly completed.

guangdong heat not burn

As the first new tobacco product of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC, the first sales of MU+ and ING in Laos is only the first step. As the products are iterated and updated, the series will attract more and more consumers.

ECC is Being Held Now – How to Promote Vape in Overseas Markets

ECC is being held now —one of the oldest and most well-known vape exhibitions in the United States.


Hundreds of e-cigarette companies from more than 30 countries around the world gathersh in Los Angeles for the second half of the year. On October 1-3, 2018, the RHBVE team of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in China will also depart.


According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 e-cigarette exhibitions around the world this year. As we all know, e-cigarette sales are mainly based on foreign trade. How to do overseas promotion in the critical period of sprinting sales performance at the end of the year? Through field research in various countries, RHBVE gives you a trick.

ecc vape

  1. Exhibitors should choose the right one.

What is the scale of most well-known overseas exhibitions?

US ECC Electronic Cigarette Show – Booth: 300 exhibitors: 120


TPE Tobacco Show in the United States – Number of booths: 300 Exhibitors: 100

Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Show, UK – Booths: 200 Exhibitors: 80

German Electronic Cigarette Exhibition – Number of booths: 150 Exhibitors: 70

The turnover of the electronic cigarette industry is concentrated in Europe and the United States, and e-cigarette exhibitions are also emerging in these places. Among them, the well-known American ECC, the American TPE, and the Birmingham exhibition in the UK are all just one pavilion, not to mention some emerging exhibitions such as the Paris Exhibition. The Netherlands Exhibition, Copenhagen Exhibition, etc., only the scale of dozens of booths.

The advantage of the exhibition is not big, it is the effect. In order to maximize the exhibitors’ interest in exhibiting and match more accurate buyers, many European exhibitions will separate B2B and B2C. B2B is for trade only. B2C is for players to experience. It is not blindly expanding the scale and ensuring the effect of participation.

  1. Visiting the local market

ecc vapeecc vape

To open up new markets, we must understand the needs of the local consumer market, and field visits are the most direct and effective way. For example, at the end of June this year, RHBVE visited the German electronic cigarette exhibition in Berlin and local wholesalers, distributors, physical stores, etc., and learned that after the reorganization of the TPD policy in the previous two years, this year’s European, British, French, Italian and other European countries. The e-liquid market has re-developed.

Malaysia has always been the “heart of the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia.” At the moment when imported oil has undergone tremendous changes in China, RHBVE has arrived in Kuala Lumpur and has visited more than 100 vape juice producers, wholesalers, physical stores and player markets. Only know that Malay juice is the first choice for consumption in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. China, which urgently needs high-quality e-liquid, will also be a huge growth point.

  1. With the power of high-quality media and international organizations

ecc vape

In the mature European and American e-cigarette market, there are already many well-known media and network red, and there is a complete propaganda system, which can cover product information to the most accurate channel vendors, wholesalers and end consumers in all regions of the world.

For example, RHBVE electronic cigarette exhibition in addition to national e-cigarette media magazines, official website, social network; also through the advantages of Reed Exhibitions global exhibition resources, and cooperation with national exhibition organizers to invite overseas buyers; at the same time with the help of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce e-cigarette industry committee The official voice channel invited the electronic cigarette associations in Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan and other places to participate in the exhibition.

ecc vape

ECC EXPO: Welcome to ECC – Electronic Cigarette Convention

ecc vape

October 1-3, 2018 China Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition RHBVE


The established global media network includes:

* National exhibition organizers – German Electronic Cigarette Show, Malaysia Electronic Cigarette Show


* National Electronic Cigarette Association – Canadian Electronic Cigarette Association, Taiwan Electronic Cigarette Association, Malay Electronic Cigarette


* National e-cigarette media – Vapetrotter, Vapouround, VapeNews, VapingPost…

What do you think about promoting the overseas market of e-cigarettes?


Solo-Flat Mini of Kingsong with Ceramic Atomization Technology is Launched

Recently, the Solo-Flat Mini (small bat) vape developed by Kingsong and the American brand VAPTIO is officially launched in China! This is a vape product with major technological breakthroughs, which receives strong attention from many vape consumers.

Solo-Flat Mini uses the innovative ceramic cotton-free technology – Honeycomb Ceramic Atomization System (HCAS), which greatly enhances the taste and safety of vape, and it is regarded as another monumental breakthrough after the low temperature non-combustion technology of IQOS.

Solo-Flat Mini

With the continuous introduction of tobacco control policies at home and abroad and the improvement of people’s health awareness, vapes as a representative of the smoke-reducing products have been favored by more and more ordinary smokers.

According to a survey by Euromonitor, a UK-based global retail market analysis company, there were about 35 million people vape worldwide in 2016, rising to at least 55 million by 2021. With the development potential of vapes, international tobacco giants such as Philip Morris International and Imperial Tobacco have rushed to the e-cigarette market.

Since last year, the market for vapes has quietly changed a lot. With the saturation of the e-cigarette player market, vapes have begun to turn to the nicotine market, represented by Kingsong Solo-Flat Mini (small bat), a small-power, small-sized and simple portable e-cigarette product (referred to as small vape) has become a new industry trend. Although some e-cigarette companies in China are competing to launch a number of small cigarette products, it is still difficult to meet the expectations of smokers in terms of technology and taste.

As a well-known brand in the e-cigarette industry, Kingsong, takes the advantage of years of domestic market experience and strong research and development strength, teams up with the American brand VAPTIO with deep technical cooperation, after two years of polishing, developed this small vape product Solo-Flat Mini.

The Solo-Flat Mini features an exclusive patented technology in a honeycomb ceramic atomizing system that offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Good taste: reduce the e-liquid guiding medium of cotton cloth, and the degree of mouthfeel reduction is high;
  • Don’t dry: reduce the risk of burnt and improve the service life;
  • More environmentally friendly: the heating process itself doesn’t produce harmful substances;
  • Anti-leakage oil: micro-scale holes in the ceramic surface, and good anti-leakage effect;
  • Healthier: Effectively filter large particles in e-liquid and make it healthier.

Solo-Flat Mini

Solo-Flat Kit

In addition, Kingsong Solo-Flat Mini Batman design elements, stylish, high value. Solo-Flat Mini combines a variety of humanized technologies: the vape juice and the battery magnetic connection, the two-color LED light display, are all easy to use; support the side charge pumping, support mouth suction and lung suction, so it can meet different needs.

Today’s small vape products are gradually becoming the main battlefield of the e-cigarette industry. With the advent of technology platforms such as nicotine salt, tobacco extract, heating and non-combustion, and honeycomb ceramic atomization system, it has brought a new sense of somatosensory use feeling. For users who quit smoking, products satisfy the smoke function are the real first choice.

This time, Kingsong along with its Solo-Flat Mini (small bat) vapes have launched four new nicotine e-liquid products, including Parisian style, flamenco, Tokyo story, and western cowboy. The Solo-Flat Mini, equipped with a new ceramic atomizing system, is a perfect match for the soft and non-choking nicotine salt-vape oil. This product by Kingsong brings vapors a higher level, subversive and unprecedented vape experience.

The Highest Tax Rate on E-liquid is 100% Now!

On July 12, the Bahraini government suddenly announced a 100% high tax on vapes without any indication, and this behavior also made all Bahrain vapers and the operators very dissatisfied.

After Indonesia’s 57% heavy tax, Bahrain’s e-liquid tax percentage has reached a new high.

The tax caused the Bahrain e-cigarette industry to be extremely dissatisfied!


Bahrain Sets in Place a 100% Vape Tax Without Warning

Sayed Al Wadei, head of VapeWorld, Bahrain’s e-cigarette industry, accused “the vape juice has the 100% tax as tobacco products” is insane. The local VAPE store imports about 40,000 different types of e-liquid from the US every month. And you can know how much tax they have to pay for each shipment now.

At the same time, vapors and users said that e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco components, it is unreasonable to levy e-cigarettes against 100% of the tax like cigarettes, and such high prices may cause e-cigarette users to re-use traditional cigarettes!

 Bahrain tax

Mohamed Ahmed, head of Juffair Vape Bahrain, said that “the government’s current tax collection is based on the size of the bottle, which is $16 for a 60 ml bottle, $22 for a 100 ml bottle, and $26 for a 120 ml bottle. The store will sell these oils at twice the price.


Sunflower Seeds are Promoted as a Great Smoking Cessation Product

We should be familiar with melon seeds and sunflower seeds because many people eat them. When we are free, we buy it for leisure time recreation. When it comes to the Spring Festival, almost every household in China countryside will buy it.

This thing has been promoted by a sunflower seed producer called BIGS as a great smoking cessation product!

Now, the anti-smoking organization Truth Initiative and BIGS are ready to prove it to people.

truth initiative

Truth Initiative members

BIGS distributes the sunflower seed mini experience package with the words “Smoking will kill your taste buds” to all over the country in large or small events. And they also made a variety of different flavors, such as kimchi, bacon, milk and so on.

It is introduced that many high school athletes in the United States are using smokeless tobacco products. And the smoking cessation sunflower seeds produced by BIGS are undoubtedly the saviors of these athletes. Currently, players of the Major League Baseball players have generally used these sunflower seeds to help them quit their dependence on smokeless tobacco products.

“Smoking is harmful to health”, everyone knows this truth. According to the survey, 70% of smokers have a willingness to quit smoking, but in fact only 7.4% of those who can successfully quit smoking each year.

Eric Asche, the chief operating officer of Truth Initiative, said that sunflower seeds as a tangible product provide a good opportunity to convey the ideas of their organization, and they can enter the youngsters’ group in a relaxed and casual way. And these advantages are unexpected. He is happy to work with BIGS to draw attention to the tobacco issues.

At the same time, Greg O’Neill, vice president of marketing for BIGS, also said: “Sunflower seeds are a great alternative to tobacco products and our mission is to end the spread of tobacco among young people. We hope to deliver the right values to young people through BIGS products and remind young people to treat tobacco rationally.”

WHO Recommends Governments Ban Vapes for Teenagers

According to Singapore’s Union Newspaper on the 27th, the World Health Organization recommended that governments should take measures to prohibit people from selling vapes to young people. The World Health Organization also recommends that people should be banned from vaping in public buildings until research shows that the smoke from e-cigarettes is harmless to the people around them.

who vape ban

People who vape on electronic cigarettes ‘more vulnerable to pneumonia’

Earlier, the US health authorities said that between 2011 and 2013, the number of teenagers trying to use e-cigarettes in the United States has doubled, and many people worry this will lead to a new generation of “addicts”.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 250,000 young people who have never smoked cigarettes used vapes in 2013. According to the Journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research, this is twice the number of young people using e-cigarettes in 2011.

A survey of junior high school and high school students in the US Youth Tobacco Survey showed that more than 79,000 teenagers tried the e-cigarettes in 2011, and the number was more than 263,000 in 2013.

Bonner, deputy director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said: “The trend of more teenagers vaping is a warning to parents and health care workers.” She said: “especially for young people who have used e-cigarettes. For them, the odds of smoking traditional cigarettes are twice that of teenagers who haven’t tried the vapes.”

who vape ban
The study found that 44% of non-smoking teenagers who have tried e-cigarettes said they plan to try the conventional cigarettes in the second year. However, in the non-try grope of young who have never tried e-cigarettes, only 22% said they would try traditional cigarettes.

The vape is a device shaped like a conventional cigarette, which evaporates a solution containing a small amount of nicotine into an aerosol, which is inhaled by a vaper, like a conventional cigarette, but no smoke came out.

The first bottle of e-liquid was invented by this old man!

These e-cigarette devices are currently unregulated in the US market and allowed be sold to teenagers. Experts point out that fruit and candy-flavored e-liquid of vapes are more harmful to minors.

Analysis of Two Types of Domestic Heat-not-burn Vape Box & eGo Device

At present, there are two types of heat-not-burn vape devices like iQOS on the market, one is heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX, and the other is heat-not-burn eGo device.


In foreign countries, IQOS is the successful representative of the heat-not-burn e-cigarette device among the eGo, which is favored by consumers all over the world! In China, in recent years, many e-cigarette companies have launched their own heating without burning vape products, and there is no defect in quality. This article haven’t introduced the heat-not-burn e-cigarette device developed by China Tobacco Company.


The heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX

Smokjoy IM  


Smokjoy IM is a heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX introduced by Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd.


If you are interested in the above products, please leave a message on the contact page of VAPE HK.

IBudy  i1


IBudy 1, is a heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX introduced by Shenzhen Buddy Vape Technology Group.

Kecig 4.0


Kecig 4.0 is the fourth generation heat-not-burn vape device BOX introduced by Shenzhen Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd. (Former Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd).


The heat-not-burn vape device eGo

Kecig 2.0


Kecig 4.0 is the second generation heat-not-burn eGo introduced by Shenzhen Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd. (Former Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd).

Dry Tobacco Toba


Dry Tobacco Toba is a heat-not-burn eGo is introduced by Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd.