P Busardo & Grimm Green On Vape Jam

The UK event was lucky enough to have vape advocates and bloggers Grimm Green, Phil Busardo and Dimitri attend to discuss many things including the TPD regulations in Europe.

Unfortunately (and embarrassingly) for the event, their talk didn’t happen. The reasoning, the event didn’t have time due to a cloud blowing competition, vape model comp and t-shirt/juice giveaway. Just.crazy.

Phil Busardo and Grimm Green have rightly expressed their disappointment that they didn’t get chance to talk, especially with so many vapers their waiting to see them and on the lack of TPD coverage at the event.

The P Busardo post on Facebook is a must read (also quoted below) and Grimm can be seen discussing this on his vlog, he talks about it 42 minutes in.

Do you not understand? Do you not fucking get it?

We’re not fighting for your right to have childish fucking labels (Blue Waffle, Fu:)k Jerry’s. – BTW – “Proudly made in the USA” on this brand made me SICK and embarrassed) We’re not fighting for your copyright infringement, lack of creativity bullshit (Quickie E-Juice) . We’re not fighting for your right to embarrass this industry, We’re not fighting for those who say “fuck you” to all of the advocates who fight for this industry and our right to vape.

WHY should those people not only fight our governments, but also the VERY industry we are fighting for?

What we ARE fighting for your is your RIGHT to NOT watch you mother, your father , your sister, your brother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or your best friend lay in bed dying of cancer.

Do you not understand?

Do you not get it?

This is NOT fun and games.

This is LIFE and DEATH.

This is not free shit and loud music.


This is not cloud comps and half naked women (which I very much enjoy BTW in the right circumstance)


Do me a favor and act like it.

Sorry gang. I’m bitter as fuck tonight, but I will get past it.

BTW – For all of you who throw sub-ohming, high wattage, tricking, cloud chasing, and a really fun time under the bus. You too do not get it.

We NEED this.

We need the cloud comps. We need events to be fun and exciting.

For the younger generation or those who need it, this keeps people interested, engaged, and passionate about vaping and OFF the cigarettes. Learn to live with it and deal with it. Learn to respect it as long as they respect back and do it respectfully.

Do I think it’ good for the industry? No.
Do I think it will win us any popularity contests? No.
Do I think it should done within reason and respectably? Yes
Do I have concerns about exposure? Yes.
Do I think it’s necessary? Yes.


Where there is sub-ohming and direct lunging , there must be high resistance and mouth to lung. Where there are giant clouds, there must be wisps of vapor. Where there is young and hip, there must be old and seasoned. Where there is the advanced vaper, there must be the noob (although I prefer rookie). Where there is advanced gear, there must be starter kits. Where there is someone who vapes differently than you, there must be respect

We need a mature and professional representation of this industry. Something we can be proud of, something we can ALL get behind.

This nonsense of “You don’t vape the way I do so you are less of a vaper than I am” Has GOT to stop. It’s high-school childish bullshit.

It’s not HOW you vape that’s most important, it’s THAT you vape that means the most. It’s that you don’t smoke anymore that’s most important. It’s the one thing that binds us no matter how we vape. Can’t you understand that?

AGAIN, There needs to be balance.

People need to see not only that trickster blowing o’s and jellyfish, but also the older woman who comes in for her liquid and coils. We need to be respectful of both. We need to appreciate both. We need to support both.

Events need to support and be inviting to both.

If you feel embarrassed by your equipment. If you feel less of a vapor than some others, if you don’t want to attend events with fear of being ridiculed, then walk beside me and we’ll tell those who belittle you because of your equipment or how you vape to go fuck themselves together.

Cancer does not discriminate.
Death does not discriminate.
WE should not discriminate.

This industry needs to grow up and understand just how important it is. This industry needs to understand how those who make a mockery of it affects those who are trying to do things correctly and respectively. This industry needs to underhand how short term money grabbing affects those who are concerned with sustainability and longevity.

This industry needs to wake the fuck up and many (but not all) vapers need to do the same.

Event coordinators need to be aware of who is on their floor and ban those who embarrass this industry and jeopardize it due to how they represent it and themselves.

Please allow me to repeat this:

What we ARE fighting for your is your RIGHT to NOT watch you mother, your father , your sister, your brother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or your best friend lay in bed dying of cancer.

Let’s wake up.
Let’s grow up.
Let’s represent this industry in the best possible light, .
Let’s realize just how important it is.

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