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Oxford University E-cigarette Research

Oxford University E-cigarette Research Needs YOU!

A major Oxford University E-cigarette Research study has been announced and scientists need smokers and vapers to take part.

It’s one of the most prestigious universities in the world and researchers are hoping to include as many studies into vaping it can find – but also needs vapers and smokers to add their experiences.

Oxford University E-cigarette Research

A spokesman for the study said:

We are a group of researchers who are looking into whether electronic cigarettes help people to stop smoking, and whether they have any unwanted effects when used in this way.

We are gathering information from studies to try to get all of the best information in one place to explore this subject. We will be updating our study monthly to catch new information as it comes out; a living systematic review.

We would like to communicate up to date, clear and unbiased evidence on the role of electronic cigarettes as a tool to help people stop smoking.

Help us by letting us know what you think we should look at and what would be the best ways to share the information that we find.

So over to you – this is an ideal opportunity for vapers – smokers and those that have quit the deadly habit via e-cigarettes to get our points across.

Help with the survey now: Electronic cigarettes for stopping smoking

US Smoking Rates Level Vaping Higher

There’s still 34 million Americans that smoke lit tobacco whilst the numbers of those that vape has risen.

Latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the number of smokers has stalled based on figures from the last few years.

7 million deaths from smoking in 2020

And despite all the bans and an anti-vaping media, there’s still 11 million vapers in the country.

Given health officials in the USA say illnesses from smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and deaths, just imagine how many more lives could be saved if the USA embraced vaping…

JUUL Shuts Down Manufacturing Plant

Around 500 jobs have been lost after JUUL closes its Lexington based production plant.

However that figure has been challenged by a local politician that flip flopped on her support for the factory.

juul bans own flavoured pods

Republican Senator, Katrina Shealy, was at first keen to welcome JUUL, however on learning about the so called ‘dangers‘ of e-cigarettes, changed her mind as she explains:

You know when it first came, everybody’s all about jobs, but then we had the public hearings on the effects and all that stuff.

So it’s really not something I’m encouraged with.

She disputes that 500 jobs were ever created – however no matter how many jobs there were created, the fact remains many employees are now out of work – sad news indeed.

Tweet Of the Week – Must Watch Pro Vape Video!

When leading pro-vaping advocate Clive Bates tells you to watch a video – you just know it’s going to be a good one…

Dr Sharon Cox from UCL blows away the myths around vaping and trust me it’s essential viewing!

and finally…“Give Us This Day Our Daily Lit Cigarette Bread”

We all know that some of the stuff coming out of China can shall we say, be on the silly or even bonkers side of things…

However, I really didn’t see this coming lol.

cigarette shaped bread china
image via Global Times CN

Students in the country’s universities are enjoying more than a few slices of a loaf of bread made to look like a lit cigarette…

Yes really…

It may be a bit of a joke – however not everyone thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread with one student calling it ‘disgusting…’

The loaf is wrapped in cigarette style paper which says:

…lai gen hua zi, meaning “come and smoke a Chunghwa cigarette.”

There’s no tobacco or nicotine in the bread BTW…

So a half baked idea?

Or is the baker using his loaf to make more dough?



More vaping news on Wednesday!

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