Oregon CBD company latest to allege wrongful border seizure

Oregon hemp manufacturer We CBD is the latest to accuse U.S. Customs and Border Protection of wrongly seizing legal hemp products.

The company in Sandy, Oregon, says that CBP seized 3,328 pounds of hemp biomass on Nov. 8 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The hemp was destined for an unnamed buyer in Zurich, Switzerland.

We CBD says that when its carrier stopped to refuel in Charlotte, CBP called a local officer to do a field test. The test revealed the presence of THC but not how much.

We CBD accuses Customs of taking the material” in a cloak of secrecy and shadow,” even though the carrier brought paperwork from Oregon authorities showing the plant material was grown legally and bound for legal export.

The company seeks an emergency injunction to prevent CBP from destroying some of the hemp. The company also seeks unspecified damages.

“Hemp is a unique commodity that will spoil or degrade if not properly stored,” the manufacturer told a federal court in North Carolina.

Law 360 first reported the case.

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