New York Governor: Marijuana Legalization Will Create ‘Thousands’ Of Jobs 

Last April, New York State’s former Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders agreed to legalize and decriminalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older. Less than two months after the measure was passed, recreational marijuana was legalized. In response to the measure, reported the New York Post, DOH Chief Medical Officer Michelle Morse emailed NYC health officials warning them about a concerning increase in students smoking weed.

Meanwhile, NY’s new governor spoke of the state’s business ethic and the importance of supporting markets of all sizes, including the cannabis one. “We do want to go big or go home, and I want to help you get there,” she said. “I need you to survive because you’re the identity of New York that people create jobs and opportunities. You are who we are as New Yorkers. Your success means the success of this entire state.”

“So count me in as an ally—someone who’s going to be there for you, who will fight for you to make sure that we do not lose out to any competition, whether it’s in the space of cannabis, where I believe there’s thousands and thousands of jobs and new industries, to be created that were not even focused on,” added Hochul.

The governor has made a point of emphasizing her support for adult-use legalization. She went on to name two additional Cannabis Control Board members, which followed the Senate confirmation of previous appointees who do not require confirmation by lawmakers.

Working towards nationwide legalization

In a recent article, fellow Vaping Post contributor Michael McGrady, reported that the US Congress is also said to be considering new federal cannabis legalization. This was mainly sponsored by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-New York and comes as other members of Congress and state lawmakers are continuing the push for nationwide legalization.

“According to Marijuana Moment journalist Tom Angell, the news could mean big news for legalization efforts across the country,” revealed McGrady. “Companies in the vaping space should take note, especially firms that develop marijuana and cannabis-derived vape products and for firms that want to break into such a market once the United States federal government offers legalization to all fifty states and its overseas possessions.”

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