New South African Law: tobacco and e-cigarette retailers need to verify the age of customers

1. New South African Law: tobacco and e-cigarettes retailers need to verify the age of customers

According to vapingpost, South African tobacco and e-cigarette retailers will randomly ask customers to verify their age as part of local measures to prevent the sale of tobacco to minors.

South Africa’s tobacco products and electronic transmission system control act was first announced last year by Joe phaahla, Deputy Minister of health, and is currently under review. The bill proposes stricter regulation of e-cigarettes and restrictions on the use, marketing and sale of certain tobacco products in South Africa. In addition, it will formulate a provision allowing the government to implement the “100% public cigarette ban”.

2. From October 1, medical prescription is required for the import of electronic cigarettes in Australia

According to foreign reports, after more than a year of delay, the Australian government finally implemented its controversial prescription e-cigarette plan on October 1. After that, those who illegally import nicotine without a doctor’s prescription will face a fine of up to $222000.

3. Health Canada restricts electronic cigarette products

Health Canada recently decided to restrict the addition of tobacco and menthol flavor to e-cigarette products, and the nicotine content of e-cigarette products will also be limited to 20 mg / ml.

Eric Gagnon, vice president of corporate and regulatory affairs of Imperial Tobacco Canada, said that the measure planned by Health Canada will reduce the appeal of e-cigarettes to some smokers.

The illegal tobacco trade is based on tax evasion, but there is no similar tariff on e-cigarette products. Therefore, e-cigarette counterfeit products only make money by producing inferior products at a cheaper price.

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