Neil Humber – RIP – You Will Be Missed

It’s with a heavy heart we bring sad news. After a short illness, our good friend and editor at Ecigclick, Neil Humber, sadly passed away this week with his son, Harry, by his side.neil Humber 2

Neil joined the Ecigclick team 6 years ago and I personally (as well as other members of the team) had been lucky enough to get to know him and call him a good friend over those years.

He was ever-present at Ecigclick and a great advocate for the vape community. Not a week would pass where his commentary on the world of vaping wouldn’t bring a smile to my face, he certainly had a gift when it came to words.

Here are some lovely words from Neil’s son, Harry.

“Dad (Neil) was a talented writer, a keen hiker and even keener drinker of beer… only to quench his thirst after a long days hiking of course! But more importantly, he was a caring Dad and loving Grandad to his two grandchildren. Dad was as stubborn as they come, always going his own way and tends to keep a small circle. Only letting a lucky few in. That is until he joined the vaping community and worked alongside the guys at Ecigclick, growing his family more and more. I can honestly say Dad has enjoyed the last few years of his life immensely since joining you all, so thank you to everyone who contributed to that joy.”

Neil Humber 1


We’ve organised this fundraiser to help with the financial costs of the funeral for Neil’s son.

Even if it’s a small amount, we’d appreciate anything you can donate. If you don’t have any spare funds, that’s totally OK too. Just take a minute to give a son, daughter, partner, mum, dad a big hug and tell them you love them. Things can change in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. If you can donate or share then you can head on over to the fundraiser page below.

You can find the fundraiser here

We will also be looking to hold a raffle for all that donate. It’s more just a thank you from us. At the moment we will likely use £2 donation = 1 raffle ticket. More on that to come.

We have already received a lot of emails and messages of support. Thanks to all, it’s clear to see a lot was thought of Neil, it really does mean a lot. We will be looking to send these messages onto Harry, Neils son.

That’s all for now.

Rest In Peace Neil..

Jonny, Michelle, Neil C & the rest of the team at Ecigclick

If you get a minute, we’d urge you to have a read of a ‘chat’ we carried out with Neil in 2019. It’s an amazing snapshot of Neils life.

Neil Humber Chats With Ecigclick

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