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No Smoking Day 2022 – 9th March 2022

So this year’s National No Smoking Day is the 9th March 2022.nnsd

In order to provide a strong message guidance has been produced for the operation and advertisement of this campaign.

The main message this year is “Today is the day” and the national website has been named as such – visit

You can download help and toolkits whether you are a professional who aids smokers to quit or you are on your own personal journey to stop smoking.

Also there are templates and posters to share on Social Media or local websites and guidance for other PR to promote the campaign. The hashtag will be #TodayisTheDay.

It is great to see the following included in their “Key Messages for Health Professionals”…

“Informing smokers of the most effective ways to quit is the best way to help
them. If they are referred to a stop smoking service, advised to use medications
like NRT or encouraged to use an e-cigarette to quit, they are more likely to

They advise people to view the NHS quitting smoking pages which also are favourable to vaping.

This is backed by the NCSCT (National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training) who have also shared the resources on their Twitter page.

The NCSCT also have lots of resources for those who work in or set up local stop smoking services and also offers training courses.

Strip Searching For Vapes??? WTF!!

I don’t usually report on news from the US as basically the establishment’s attitude to vaping is at bonkers levels – but this one really wound me up.

Original source is the Filter Mag Article – Outcry

You know things have gone way too far when young female students are strip searched at school.

Why is this – were they carrying knives? Drugs? Guns?… Nope they were being searched for vaping products.

Apparently this happened in January and was reported by the Green Bay Press Gazette in the US.

Initially two women (a Superintendant and a school Nurse) ordered the girls to undress.

Plus there have been further reports that two men – the school Principle and a Police Officer separately searched male students too but the total number of students involved has not been reported.

Apparently as the children’s “Private parts” were not exposed this was not legally classed as a strip search.

If these were classed as strip searches this would be a Class B Misdemeanour.

One parent told TCH Daily News that her daughter was forced to strip to her underwear even after she had handed over her vape! Also these searches took place without any knowledge or consent of parents.

Here is a snippet from that article…

tch daily news

The full article includes audio recordings from the board meeting and is shocking reading indeed.

Read the article here – TCH Daily News – Suring Parents Outraged Over Alleged Strip Searches Of Students.

Basically I can’t stop shaking my head and rolling my eyes at the utter stupidity of the attitude of some people. All from a country where you can buy Guns!

Superintendent Charged

An update to the above story shows that the Suring Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Casper has been charged with 6 counts of False Imprisonment for conducting the strip searches.

Apparently Suring High School has declined to comment and the school board has not responded to requests for comments either.

FDA Letter To Sigelei

Yet more nonsense from the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and this time it is newsworthy as it involves one of the biggest vape brands Sigelei.sigelei branding

Sigelei was founded in 2009 and is still active to this day – we have reviewed many Sigelei products and you can see how they fit into vaping culture here.

Anyway apparently Sigelei have received a letter from the FDA about the fact their website offers products to customers and distributors in the United States.

The letter then rambles on about the fact these are classed as “Tobacco Products” and are therefore subject to FDA jurisdiction.

Basically unless Sigelei obtain a Pre-market Authorisation Order for the products on their site they will be marketing their products unlawfully.sigelei branding

However the letter also states that Sigelei did apply for a PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product Application) on 7th September 2020 but it was refused.

Yuk what an absolute mess – you can read the full letter here…

I am not sure if the website could just state “Not available in the US” – will this prevent this happening or not?

It looks like the FDA are really hungry to penalise vape companies – who will be next?

How To Stop Vapes Appealing To Children…

Here is the answer! Make it “Uncool”!

Get some 80s pop stars promoting them – and news readers – the kids will just think they are “sad”…

Promotional Pricing Of E-cigarettes

The Committee Of Advertising Practice (CAP) have issued a new Enforcement Notice on the promotional pricing of E-cigarettes on websites.

UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) has shared this on their Twitter and also you can download the full guide from their website here.

Just to summarise this is a roundup of the advertising rules which are enforced by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

Apparently presenting factual information about the devices and their components is fine on a website but if there is an…

“Undue emphasis on savings and discounts this is likely to go beyond what is allowed and breach the CAP Code.”

Some of their main guidance is shown below – but obviously there is a lot more information which in a short news article I am not going to cover.CAP guide

But it is well worth anyone who runs a Vape website has a good study of these so they don’t fall fowl of the regulations.

Anyway that is all for this week – back again next Friday – have a great week!

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