MYST e-cigarettes enter the UK market again: 36 large shopping malls in the UK

It was reported on July 23 that new progress had been made in the sales channels of MYST e-cigarettes in the UK market.

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Blue Hole learned that, following the announcement in May that it had officially entered the UK market and incorporated 300 e-cigarette retail stores, MYST went into the UK market again in July and settled in 36 large shopping malls in the UK.

The shopping malls in MYST include Manchester Trafford Centre (the third largest shopping center in the UK and the first largest shopping center in Manchester) and Manchester Arndale, Sheffield meadowhall (the fifth largest shopping center in the UK and the largest shopping center in Sheffield), Broadwalk in London and other well-known shopping centers in the world, covering London, Buckingham, Northampton, Yorkshire, Cambridge, etc.

It is reported that in May this year, MYST entered more than 300 offline retail stores in the UK, officially opening its first step into the UK market. It is worth mentioning that 53 of the more than 300 retail stores belong to ecigwizard (hereinafter referred to as “ECW”), a well-known e-cigarette retailer in the UK. ECW is an e-cigarette store with access to the UK’s official medical institutions, and its stores are also open at Birmingham City hospital and sandwell general hospital.

The rapid expansion of MYST in the UK is due to the friendly attitude of the British government to encourage smokers to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and on the other hand, it has made deep investment in product technology: in April this year, MYST released its latest nicotine technology “nicotine X”, which can not only achieve a high degree of addiction relief, but also reduce the degree of addiction, and provide a new choice for smokers.

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