Thursday, June 20, 2024

Taste the Inspiration: MOTI Launches Disposable Product MOTI PIIN to Colorize Users Experience


“MOTI PIIN is designed with intentions towards colorful, portable, and delicate,” said Daniel, global marketing director of MOTI. “It could be considered as a tool for more inspiration and creativity, as well as a toy for relieving physical and mental pressure.”

Measuring 104.5 mm in length, 12 mm in diameter, the MOTI PIIN’s design is pen-like in form and is even no larger than a crayon. The space-efficient design allows it to be pocketed easily, while the 350mAh battery and the 1.6 mL of e-liquid provide up to 380 puffs and delivers a more consistent and pure taste to users.

The well-designed mouthpiece of the MOTI PIIN can be easily wrapped by users’ lip, leading to a comfortable in-mouth feeling when using the device. Painted with high-quality, durable materials, the MOTI PIIN looks chic and is confirmable to the touch and is slip-resistant.

“MOTI PIIN is my long-awaited product.” Mino Bro, vape reviewer and YouTube Vlogger from the UK said, “I am crushed on this stuff for its exquisite design as well as the multiple color options. The vape pen has an extraordinary touch feeling. For me, it is more than a simple vape product.”

Requiring no filling, charging, or maintenance, the MOTI PIIN offers ten flavors, all easily distinguished by ten different colors. MOTI PIIN complies with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD). The product has obtained sales permission in the UK, US, and Russia, and started shipping online from Dec 20. Users can choose to order one single MOTI PIIN or select different colors to design their own “MOTI PIIN rainbow pack”.

About MOTI

MOTI is a revolutionary e-cigarette brand derived from Meta Lab – creators of the MOJO and MOTI Classics series. Since 2013, the brand has spearheaded the e-cigarette industry from its Las Vegas headquarters with a dedication to cutting-edge tech and top-notch creativity.

As a forward-thinking, social enterprise, MOTI aims to advance the use of smart technology to make improvements to the environment through cigarette alternatives research, spending on average 30% of its revenues on R&D.

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