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Maximum Simplicity – Vapor Voice


The new XROS pod system from Vaporesso revolutionizes the method for filling vapor devices.

By Mike Huml

The XROS from Vaporesso is a pod system representing the culmination of the most successful features available in a pod. From its build quality to its ease of use, nothing is out of place or unnecessary. The XROS retains maximum simplicity while offering superior vapor production and flavor. Vaporesso is well known for its quality and innovation, and the XROS is no exception.

The newly released XROS is a pod system with a manual-automatic switch combination, an 800 mAh battery and a 2 mL e-liquid capacity. It uses a USB Type-C connection for extremely fast charging and a single LED below the fire button to display battery life and charging status. The reverse side of the body features adjustable airflow, allowing the user to vape using both direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping styles.

The pod itself is held in place securely with two magnets. The top half of the pod is transparent and extrudes far enough beyond the body that determining the amount of remaining e-liquid is effortless. The top part of the pod is the mouthpiece, which can be easily removed to reveal the filling port. Vaporesso has taken the extra step to make sure that filling is quick, easy and clean.

If that all sounds standard, think again. If other pod systems are easy to fill, the XROS is easier. If other pod systems are great for mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping, the XROS is better. There is not a single area where the XROS doesn’t excel, and that is mainly due to the nuanced and subtle improvements over past pod systems.

One of the largest improvements over other pod systems is the filling method. First and foremost, the pod does not need to be removed to be filled, which isn’t in and of itself unique, but it is rare. What’s more impressive is the simple and intuitive filling method. After removing the mouthpiece, the e-liquid bottle is simply inserted into the fill port and squeezed until the reservoir is full.

This generally leads to all sorts of issues such as flooding, leaking or e-liquid backing up due to pressure and surface tension. However, the XROS eliminates these issues by using a flap to seal the fill port when it’s not in use as well as introducing a pinhole opposite the fill port to release pressure when the pod is filled. It’s another one of those things that’s so incredibly simple and effective that it’s a wonder it hasn’t been thought of already.

Each pod is available in 1.2 ohm and 0.8 ohm varieties, with the 0.8 ohm pods using a red rubber seal as opposed to the 1.2 ohm’s black seal so that the user can tell which is which at a glance. The practical difference between these two resistances is negligible. The 0.8 ohm pods will generate slightly more heat and therefore are better for direct-lung vaping due to the increased airflow required, but both pods perform perfectly regardless of vaping style.

Both pods incorporate mesh coils for increased surface area, which also means more vapor and flavor at lower powers. While the XROS uses a constant voltage output and can’t be adjusted, both coils are tuned specifically for this device, and voltage adjustment isn’t necessary.

The coils have also been tuned to work well with the full range of airflow available with the XROS. By sliding the airflow adjustment all the way to the right, the airflow will be at its most restricted, and sliding it to the left will open it up for direct-lung vaping. While many pod systems rely on more open airflow for increased vapor production, the XROS produces impressive vapor at its most open and when closed.

Additionally, a common problem with many pods that claim to support mouth-to-lung vaping is that other than the adjustable airflow, nothing about the airflow path is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. The coil is too large, the wire too thick or the airflow inlet too wide. This leads to poor vapor production, weak flavor and a harsh throat hit. Amazingly, the XROS suffers from none of these issues, no matter which coil is installed. Both the 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm pods offer great vapor and pure flavor without an overly harsh throat hit when direct-lung vaping and mouth-to-lung vaping.

The XROS only has one button, and it is used to turn the power on or off and optionally to fire the device manually. As is the standard, five clicks of the button will toggle the power on or off. Holding the button will fire the coil, but this is down to personal preference. The automatic switch more closely simulates smoking, but the manual switch allows for more control and pre-firing.

There are no settings to switch back and forth, and the user can simply vape however they want without having to think about it. Underneath the button is a single LED that will illuminate when the switch is activated or when the device is charging. Green signifies that the battery is above 70 percent charged, blue indicates a charge between 30 percent and 70 percent while red is reserved for a charge level under 30 percent.

When it comes to the fit and finish, the XROS is second to none. The glossy metallic finish does collect some fingerprints but only minimally so. It never ruins the overall sleekness, even after days of use. The XROS is also fairly heavy for its size. It exudes a sense of quality, and it’s not so heavy as to take away from its portability or convenience. Overall, it’s a simple design that gets the job done and looks great in the process.

The incorporation of the USB Type-C charging port is a welcome addition that should be making its way into more devices for two main reasons. First, it eliminates the annoyance of having to fiddle with the charger to ensure that it fits correctly. Unlike micro-USBs, the USB Type-C charger is symmetrical and can be inserted in either direction.

Second, it can charge the battery much faster. In the case of the XROS, it can be charged at a rate of 1A when used with the proper adapter, which means it can charge the 800 mAh battery from empty to full in under 20 minutes. This virtually eliminates the need to worry about backup batteries. In today’s modern world, USB ports are abundant, and finding one to use for a few minutes in a pinch is getting easier and easier.

With refillable pod systems gaining in popularity due to the ban on most pre-filled pods, many manufacturers have tossed their respective hats in the ring, but most don’t hold a candle to the XROS. The battery is solid and long-lasting with possibly the most effective adjustable airflow to be found in a pod system to date. The pods are disposable, eliminating the need to maneuver with replaceable pods in addition to replaceable coils. The disposable nature of the pods keeps things simple, which is what pod systems are all about.

The filling system is also ingenious in its simplicity, allowing for fast fills with no mess. Fast charging via USB Type-C ports keeps downtime to a minimum, although the 800 mAh battery is likely to last for six to eight hours of constant use. Mouth-to-lung vapers will find quite a bit to love about the XROS with its perfectly tight airflow when restricted that produces clean and robust flavor as well as the ideal amount of vapor and throat hit. Vapers who favor direct-lung vaping should appreciate the increased vapor when the airflow is open, and it could be argued that the XROS rivals most “cloud-chasing” pods on the market in terms of raw performance.

It can be difficult to find a pod system that’s just right for each vaper and that’s also made by a proven manufacturer, which is important due to the fact that replacement pods can become difficult to find over time. With the XROS being Vaporesso’s most recent pod system and with PMTAs taking effect, there is a good chance the XROS is here to stay. For those looking for the most reliable pod system in roughly the same vein as the Juul, the XROS is currently the best bet.

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