Marijuana Legalization Wins Big During The U.S. General Election

The following U.S. states have legalized recreational and/or medicinal marijuana on Nov. 3, the U.S. General Election.

New Jersey — Voters in New Jersey voted to approve Public Question 1, which legalizes recreational marijuana. The measure also approves a 6.625 percent state tax on all marijuana sales to only customers 21 years or older. Local governments like cities are also permitted to tack on an extra 2 percent tax. Most other details for regulation in the state has yet to be implemented.

Arizona — Proposition 207 was enacted by Arizona voters in a massive margin in favor of the measure. Under Prop. 207, marijuana is legalized for consumers who are at least 21 years old. The measure also implements a tax on marijuana sales and mandates the state Department of Health and Human Services to regulate the novel marijuana business.

Mississippi — Voters in outwardly conservative Mississippi voted in a majority to legalize and regulate medical marijuana. The measure permits medical marijuana treatment for more than 20 specific pre-existing conditions. 2.5 ounces is also the new standard individual possession limit. There is also a tax on marijuana sales at the current state sales tax rate of 7 percent.

South Dakota — Voters in the U.S. state of South Dakota have chosen to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. Amendment A is a constitutional measure that would legalize marijuana possession and for the regulated use for adults aged 21 years and older. The measure permits the distribution and sale of marijuana at a 15 percent tax. Individuals can also grow up to three cannabis plants if they live in a jurisdiction where licensed marijuana shops aren’t available. An initiated Measure 26 develops a medical marijuana regime at the same time.

Montana — Voters in Montana legalized marijuana through Initiative 190. This measure imposes a legal minimum sales age of 21 years or older. The measure also establishes a 20 percent on marijuana sales and mandates the state Department of Revenue to develop regulations for legal marijuana businesses. 190 also allows for resentencing and/or the expungement of previous marijuana-related crimes.

Public opinion before Nov. 3 was overwhelmingly in support of marijuana legalization across the entire United States.

This story will be updated with updated results and information.



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