Make Your Own Ejuice Recipes with Magical Flavour

Whether you are an e-cigarette DIY player or a professional ejuice mixer, you must not miss Magical Flavour. Magical Flavour has been immersed in the e-cigarette industry for decades, with more than 500 flavors for you to choose from, and the product line is still increasing with 100 new products every year. Such a rapid product development speed is due to the fact that Magical Flavour has 4 professional flavourist. The research and development of each product have been adjusted hundreds of times until the fragrance is satisfactory to the flavourist himself. Tested by other flavourist and evaluations by professionals within the company, only products that satisfy everyone are recommended to customers.


If you’re an e-cigarette lover interested in creating your own recipe, Magical Flavour is a great option. Magical Flavour has two kinds: single flavor and pre-mixed flavor. Among them, pre-mixed flavor is most suitable for fresh players, it is a mixture of various single flavors, and Magical Flavour has already adjusted the taste, sweetness and coolness. Just add pg, vg and nicotine to start enjoying, you can also adjust the sweetness and coolness to your liking.

Make Your Own Ejuice Recipes with Magical Flavour

For professional ejuice mixer, Magical Flavour has launched a large number of single flavors, whether it is fruit flavors, dessert flavors, or soft drinks flavors, you can find them all. The biggest feature of Magical Flavour is that one flavor has different types, and each type has its own characteristics, such as strawberry, which is jerky from fresh strawberry and sweet from ripe strawberry. The great thing about multiple flavors is that you can mix them to get a unique and best taste, which is the choice of all professional mixer.


Flavor concentrates from Magical Flavour’s online shop are available for sale, if you have interests, please visit our official website to browse. At the same time, we also welcome you to contact for samples, our samples are free for every one!

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