Los Angeles may soon ban flavored e-cigarettes and hookah

According to foreign reports, users of e-cigarettes in Los Angeles, California, may no longer buy flavored e-cigarettes.

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Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to ask city prosecutors to start drafting a bill to ban companies from selling many flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products. The Commission said the move was aimed at preventing young people from becoming addicted to nicotine.

The alliance of youth and public health advocates, which supports the ban, believes that flavoring products attract more young people to use tobacco, including e-cigarettes. The Council decided not to consider menthol exemption.

No one in the e-cigarette industry is opposed to the proposed bill. However, the hookah lounges may have survived the controversy over the law that could undermine the precious tradition that hookah has always been at the heart of parties and celebrations in Armenian, Arab and other communities.

When the issue was last heard at city hall more than a year ago, members of Parliament suggested that some flavored tobacco be allowed to be sold live in the lounge, but hookah sellers said the plan was too strict to allow the lounge to pass on to future generations, according to the Los Angeles Times. It also doesn’t allow people to buy hookah tobacco and smoke at home.

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