Lamborghini released a new high-end e-cigarette-Lamborghini Vape

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“You may not know that Lamborghini, today’s top supercar brand, was originally a tractor factory, and you may not know that Lamborghini released electronic cigarettes this year.”

Last month, Tonino Lamborghini, a luxury brand under Lamborghini, released a new high-end e-cigarette-Lamborghini Vape, limited to 5,000 sets worldwide, including 9 new flavored cartridges.

Lamborghini Vape focuses on high-end products from product positioning, appearance design, product quality to price, and packaging, taking the route of luxury goods and high-end gifts.

It is understood that this product is the first to be launched simultaneously in Italy and China. The design is supervised by the Lamborghini design director. The appearance of the product is the classic yellow of the Lamborghini sports car.

In order to perfectly unify the quality of each Lamborghini Vape and sports car, the Italian designer adopts the original Lamborghini sports car Giallo Inti yellow metallic pearl paint. The six-sided honeycomb black area in the middle is made of imported Italian Alcantara fabric, and the two batteries The side is inlaid with Lamborghini original 0.4mm high-strength carbon fiber material.

It feels very delicate and thick indeed. Especially the combination between the suede-like texture of Alcantara fabric and the metallic car paint. Compared with other ordinary aluminum-pole e-cigarettes on the market, Lamborghini Vape really has a sense of “luxury” in the hand.

In addition to the limited sale of 5,000 sets of cigarette sticks, Lamborghini is very distinctive in the taste of the cartridge: for the first time, more than 9 unique flavors that have never been seen in the market have been launched.

There are classic cocktails made from Italian Almond Flavored Liqueur-Godfather, the world’s most popular wild bomb flavor and the recently popular Mojito flavor, as well as the pineapple beer that is uniquely prepared for China taste, and other new flavors such as Tieguanyin, Long Island Iced Tea, and cocktails.

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