Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kiwi Group Argues Against Curtailing Flavors


End Smoking NZ group has urged the government of New Zealand to curtail legislation set to impede vapor product sales.

The government aims to restrict vapor product flavors to three varieties—mint, menthol and tobacco. End Smoking NZ fears the rule will drive people who have used vapor products to quit smoking back to cigarettes.

“This rapid decline in cigarette sales shows vaping products are clearly working,” said Ends Smoking NZ in statement. “However, the government’s over-regulation of flavors will mean cigarette sales are set to get a boost. No wonder tobacco companies are welcoming the flavor restrictions as they will simply help preserve traditional tobacco’s longevity.”

 In 2019, cigarette sales totaled 2.13 billion pieces in New Zealand.

“The success of vaping, and the huge dent it has made on cigarette sales, is due to the accessibility and appeal of vaping to adult smokers,” said Ben Pryor, co-owner of Alt New Zealand and VAPO. “Adults love flavors, and those successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping need comparable nicotine. If you tighten the screws on both, you are simply making it harder for Kiwis to quit smoking and that’s a very poor public health outcome.”

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