Juul will file 20 counterfeiting lawsuits in the next 60 days

According to foreign reports, Juul labs filed six trademark infringement lawsuits against e-cigarette store owners in five states, claiming that they used Juul’s name to sell counterfeit, copied and non genuine Juul products and related packaging products.

The company said it would file as many as 20 lawsuits over the next 60 days to stop the worst offenders among retailers selling counterfeit e-cigarettes as part of an effort to work with regulators to stay in the US market.

Before the new lawsuit, Juul filed four lawsuits in July, saying companies were copying their patented designs. The U.S. International Trade Commission is considering a Juul requirement to ban the import and import of unauthorized cigarette bombs.

The trademark sued the defendant company for selling counterfeit and grey market products, meaning they were made for overseas markets but were taken to the United States. The lawsuit was filed in Alabama, New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee and Texas, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuits are part of Juul’s global enforcement program, which aims to disrupt the illegal trade in black market steam products, provide a more responsible market for current adult users and address the use of minors, the company said in a statement.

Juul is looking for stop sales orders, unauthorized sales profits and $2 million per trademark infringement.

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