JT launches its heated, nonflammable product, ploom s, in London for 89 pounds

On November 3, according to foreign reports, JTI is launching its heating and non combustible product, ploom s, in the UK. Previous studies have suggested that sales of heating and non combustible products in the UK have increased 270% in the past 12 months.

Ploom S

It is reported that the ploom s is available in three colors, black, gold and white, with a retail price of 89 pounds. Currently, the product is available to 60 certified retailers in London as well as ploom branded pop-up and online stores.

JTI said the ploom s device is suitable for tobacco and e-cigarette users, as well as consumers who like tobacco but want to choose new modern heated tobacco products and products that are easy to use.

According to the company, the equipment has the advantages of fast heating time, smoke-free smell, less stains, no smoking restrictions and can be mixed with two different kinds of tobacco to heat tobacco.

Ploom’s equipment is compatible with JTI’s Evo cartridge and is available to all retailers in London and most wholesalers in M25 from the same channel.

Evo puffs come in four flavors and retail for & pound; 4.50 per pack of 20 sticks.

Nick geens, head of risk reduction products at JTI, said: “it is estimated that there will be nearly 1 million ploom users in the UK by 2025, and traditional retail will account for two-thirds (67%).

“We know that the profit opportunities for retailers are enormous, so we are committed to making this launch a success and supporting retailers at every step of the way throughout London; with the professional help of ploom experts for certified retailers, we plan to support the launch widely and introduce the device to existing adult smokers.”

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