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jouz 20s and jouz 12s new product launch is held in Seoul, Korea in 2019


jouz held a new product launch in 2019 at Sunroe Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on June 26, local time in Korea. Two HNB products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, were released in a blockbuster manner, and the pre-sale was officially launched on the official website of jouz in South Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Two new products, jouz 20s and jouz 12s, will go on sale in 9,000 convenience stores in 7-11 Korea and 460 stores in Himart, the largest household appliance chain in Korea.

jouz 20s and jouz 12s product launch

Jouz 20s and jouz 12s adopt the third generation composite ceramic heater. Compared with the first two generations, the bending strength and heat resistance temperature are increased by two times and 50 degrees respectively.

jouz 20s
jouz 20s

At the same time, the wide temperature range, stable heat and pure fragrance make the taste of jouz 20s and jouz 12s lingering and richer.

Based on the new technology platform – jouz PrimeTaste Heating Platform, users can also adjust through mobile app, easily realize the intelligent switching of elegant and delicate, smooth and balanced, strong and mellow 3 heating mode, and enjoy their own exclusive taste at will.

jouz 20s

Jouz Primetase heating platform bears Jouz’s third-generation heating sheet, which is composed of oxide and alumina, slice-level precise temperature control system and 360 degree suction airway. It promotes Jouz’s new products in high temperature resistance, continuous vaping, temperature control, heating and other aspects.

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